Well the man who started all of this is Adolf Hitler, the different laws went out like Gypsies, Black people, and Jews weren’t alowed in side pubs or any other places were ‘NORMAL PEOPLE’were alowed. When the Jews were placed in concentration camps they were treated like no one could ever think, they were given a few bits of soup, coffee or tea and bread,(not alot right!)If any one in the camp suceeded to escape all the members that helped them got killed or tortured.Leading to the end everyone was tricked into thinking they were having a shower but unknown to them hitlers cunning plan was for poisonous cyanide gas to spert from the shower heads!

Category: The Holocaust
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  1. Mitchell says:

    Maisey, try and categorise your work next time.

  2. Alex says:

    well done maisey
    * there was some great info on the holocaust
    * and not just that i like the bit when you put brackets round not alot true
    wish maybe you could end your work a bit happyer

  3. Rachel says:

    I agree with Mrs H, but you’ve used alot of facts and knowledge.

  4. Adam says:

    I also think that you have found some good information so welldone.

  5. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi again Maisey
    I like that you’ve found out some good information for this. Your tone is a bit too informal for this subject matter though!

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