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Good luck!

I wish you all the best at your new schools and I hope that you have enjoyed our short ( but wacky!) time at belle vue. From the first day in reception , to panto pandemonium , we have had the most enjoyable time as a year group and as a belle vue family. Thank you to all my teachers and a HUGE thank you to all my friends. It wouldn’t be the same without all of you. Goodbye and good luck!

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Yr6 show

Congratulations to all the people who got received the parts they wanted and a big well done to those who were brave enough to audition! All of you are amazing actors and actresses and  have worked super hard already! Last but not least, a big thank you to Mrs Hopkins and  Mr Holder for putting in their own time to see all of us audition! THANK YOU!



Don’t under estimate cats!

I shall never forget that treacherous day. Three years ago, unusual breeds of ORANGE creatures were spotted in Houston, Texas. After two weeks, we realised the town-destroying monsters were CATS! They marched over every town until they reached us. On that night, we were taking a BATH when a cat hiss was heard in the distance. Oh no! Suddenly the town trembled at the MYSTERIOUS sound of shattering of glass. The Yippee Cay Yay saloon was set of fire and the town’s Calvary fled in despair. Beams of buildings were broken and they crumbled like spoiled cake.

It’s now called CAT-son Texas.

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woodland stair case

Deep inside the darkness of the forest, lies a stairway that has a secret. The more you know, the more you will put yourself in danger. 129 years ago, the stairway was surrounded by majestic state house with glass roofs, marble fire places, glass chandeliers and antique furniture.The devastation happened during the summer when Lord and Lady Bartholomew were on their holiday. They both had a tiring day and were ready for dinner when the kitchen was set alight with a raging fire. The blaze moved quicker and quicker across the mansion. The Bartholomew servants’ screams woke them up and they fled but it was too late.


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Ghost car!

In the early hours of noon, when the sun was at its brightest, my friends and I were in the forest eating a picnic when I spotted a small silhouette in the distance. The vague shadow was castle shaped and a ghostly rain cloud hovered over like a venomous wasp, ready to strike. Slowly, we traced through the caving trees until the castle was right in front of us. A rumbling engine was heard and a car appeared in the gravel drive. It span round twice, accelerated forward and fell silent. The car stopped suddenly. There was no driver. 

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Riddles by Rachel

1.I’m a shoulder to cry on,

I balance but my legs sometimes wobble,

It’s hard to move me about,

I get scratched and your fist bangs on my surface,

What am I?


2. I am calm yet I’m sometimes angry,

I throw myself everywhere ,

I am paradise’s best friend,

I make you run and scream,

What am I?

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The freeze

Winter’s twilight moon casted its silvery light onto the frozen polar cap mountains. Slowly, the arctic freeze wrapped and choked its helpless victims like an anaconda squeezing the life out of its prey. A huge herd of obese woolly mammoths stampeded towards the sea. They knew the freeze would get them soon, and they knew that the only hope of survival was to swim to a hotter country. Meanwhile, gigantic icebergs were pushed under the seas of winter by enormous avalanches that were cascading down the jagged cliffs edge, so they ended up in the slowly freezing ocean.  Eskimos and their well built igloos slowly suffocated under the mass pressure of the creeping ice that was easing its way towards the polar bear sanctuary like a an ugly monster rising from its 200 year sleep. Millions of boats and yachts were waded out to the depths of the stone cold sea. Starvation, bitter cold, disease- which would kill them first? The whole island in the arctic fell silent, silent in a way that made you cringe and squirm.  I and my family were going tomorrow morning yet; I had a bad feeling that it wasn’t going to go to plan.


For tea, we ate plaice and potatoes but it was very little because of the freeze and the shortage of fishing supplies and boats. After that, we dashed outside to see the full moon at its brightest. It hung in the sky like giant, silver, fruit pastel. All of a sudden the earth shook, ice broke, and desperate screams filled the air. It had come for us. Ma and Pa hurried us along towards the nearest boat we could find. But it was no use; all of the boats had been crushed by the avalanche. Our igloo! What were we going to do? Numb and fearful, startled and frightened, we raced up to the top of the mountain peak where we knew we would be safe. Meanwhile, the freeze destroyed everything in its path, even people. In the corner of my eye, I spotted Nan and Granddad lost and cowering in fear, I screamed and cried for them to come up to us but they couldn’t hear us. We were too late, they were dead.

 Night passed and morning came, but the freeze was still coming. Our desolate hearts sank in sadness as we watched the town crumble and collapse. Silently, I awoke from my deep slumber to find myself perched on a log by a luminous fire. We were still upon the mountains peak, away from the village. Bitter and stony, chilling and mind numbing, the vicious wind curled and bit my ears. Standing on the mountain, my eyes drew towards the frantic ocean. I’d noticed planks of driftwood had washed up on the shore. Suddenly, in all my wondrous thought, the rocks started to crack and the ground shook violently. Out of the blue, a massive wall of freezing snow came tumbling down. It killed my helpless family.




Kristallnacht , The night of broken glass

The beginning of the Second world war was Kristallnacht , the night of broken glass. This horrifying event had results of 91 Jews murdered, 30,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps, the other Jews watched the Germans destroy everything they had such as synagogues and shops. In the end , 7,000 Jews and black people were rounded into tight , unsanitary ghettos . During the raids, two men named Ernst Vom Rath and Herschel Grynszpan were found trying to assassinate a rich Jewish priest who knew all the German  Gestapo secrets. Two days after , they were arrested and killed. 


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Limericks 2

A farmer once called his cow Zephyr,

she seemed such an amiable heifer,

When he drew near,

she bit off his ear,

Which made him considerably deafer.


There was an old lady of Tottenham,

Who’d no manner, or else she’d forgotten ’em,

At tea at the vicar’s ,

she tore of her knickers ,

because she said she felt hot in ’em

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100 wc by Rachel

 I woke up this morning to an explosion of chilling frost coating our holiday caravan and the rest of the messy green garden. Parched and hungry , craving and dribbling , I found myself running down the stairs even though my eyes were still heavy. Carefully, I poured my self a bowl milk and cereal when mom walked in and explained that she was on a new diet…oh no! This is the third one since Monday ! Dad marched in complaining about the frost and how it had froze the car doors shut! The old goat is always complaining: he never stops. I guess that’s that.

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Dolce [Meaning : sweetly in Latin.]

The notes from the piano danced in the air like a blizzard of crisp cold snowflakes. Fascinated and intrigued , hypnotized and speechless, my listening ears digged into the breath-taking sound that brushed past my face like a cool breeze on a hot Savannah. Each note sang: it sounded like angels. The piano’s ivory keys were grinning at me like in a proud and self confident way, I couldn’t resist smiling back. The sweet candy music made my face beam and shiver with a glowing happiness that I had never experienced before. I felt like I was being kidnapped and taken to heaven.

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Limerick poems

There was an old person of  Kent,

Who wanted to buy a pink tent,

He slipped on some ice ,

Took an interest in mice,

And that’s the old man of Kent.


There once was a bunch of old cats,

Who liked to eat tuna and rats,

One day they all said,

We’d like to be dead,

And that’s the bunch of old cats.


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new year, new dreams

The thick fog coated stone cold town as the parents planned the party. The moon cast its silvery light onto the frozen lakes and frosted trees. As I placed my head on my pillow, voices from downstairs travelled to my ears. I knew it! A party! Fireworks and food,lights and lemonade. Perfect!  Today , I woke up and ambled down the stairs…..2013 BABY! later on we enjoyed a delicious lunch containing pizza,chicken,chips and, as I guessed,lemonade. It was a new year for us all. After lunch, we sat down to play some party games like monopoly,  twister and trivial pursuit [ my favourite] Happy new year for now and forever more!

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The box

I breathed slowly.  Coils of blue lace interlinked through the gem-encrusted handles that shone like  stars in the gothic black sky. What was inside ? A strip of fuschia – pink ribbon twirled around the marble coloured box like a snake choking its prey. My eyes were fixated on the silent mystery that was seated upon my shaking knees. The box started to rattle and wobble. Swords of light were flicking it into the air and my stomach cartwheeled into a never-ending carousel. Magic flowed from the secretive corners of the enlightend box. Pixie dust fell on me . The lid popped off and all was reavealed.

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Hong Kong by Rachel

Recently we have been in touch with a blogging site in Hong Kong. Year 6 set out to learn more about this fasanating country and its culture. If you want to see this site then go onto our year 6 belle vue primary blogger and look for Mr Heskesth’s class on the bottom right of the links section  on the home page.

Blood Jungle by Rachel Kiraly

I am still stranded in this jungle. Walking in search of water and food. The sun had set but I was engulfed by the suffocating humidity. Beads of sweat dripped like a gush of water in a dry desert. The jungle looked like a never ending maze of emerald jewels. I pushed through the thorny scrub and stumbled into the haunted mouth of the trees. After a while, which seemed like forever, I came across a vampire bat, which from where I was standing, looked upside down. It glared at me with its protruding fangs dripping with blood… OH NO!

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Pupils of Wordsley

Recently, I have been to Wordsley School and a few children from other schools came too. We were asked to write detailed articles for the Wordsley schools newsletter POW [ PUPILS OF WORDSLEY] . These articles had to be about the other students schools and what they had been doing over the last 6 months . In my article , I talked about our blog [ belle vue] and how year 6 set up this site so that we could look at each others work. I also mentioned that we are part of a quad blogging group . After that, I left the details of where to find our blog on google so hopefully we will have lots of visitors looking at our site.

By Rachel  belle vue year 6

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