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Midlands Regional final

On the 27th of April we made a two hour journey to Nottingham after winning the West Midlands County Tournament   in Sutton Coldfield. We would be up against harder teams but we were prepared for it after months of training.

So on to the matches, we played Oakmeadow from Shropshire. Unfortunately we got of to a bad start losing the first game 2-1 with Ben scoring our only goal in a poor first half display.

On to our next game, the spirits were down after losing our first game. We had to play Richmond, who were from Lincolnshire, and they had drawn their first game. Good news from that game, we won 0-1 so we were feeling okay.

Next we played Mawsley who were from Northamptonshire! They had drawn their last game against Oakmeadow 0-0.We won 2-1 witch put us seeking a second place spot.

After that we had to play St Edwards  who were bound for the semi’s after they had not lost a match and were top of the group. We held on well with some super blocks and Ben hit the post. Unfortunately Ben had to go off injured so Mitchell went up front. We played on the counter attack with Mitchell being denied by saves from their keeper. As the end of the match drew nearer we were holding on more but on a rebound from a great shot they taped the ball in despite Callum and Daniel R efforts on the line, after the ref played a dubious amount of added time!

That meant that we only needed  a draw to go through to the semi’s put what a draw it would be. We played Wold who needed a win! They took the lead early witch put us under pressure to deliver we went 1-0 down to a rebound then callum scored a fantastic free-kick and  pulled 1 back for the equeliser! Then after half time in come the drama they scored and we were going out but in the last minute we got a corner : lurking umarked at the back post was Mitchell and the ball flew towards his head… it was the moment of truth. A split second after the net was bulging and the celebrations had begun: we were  in the semi-final.

So we walked out onto the pitch against Water Orton it was 1-0 then 1-1 ; it changed again to 2-1 to us but then our heats dropped when they made it 2-2. It stayed tight to the end of the game! So extra-time then penalties if needed! But drama stuck in Extra- time when we scored but the ref, who listened to there headmaster who said it did not go in! Despite the drama it still finished as a draw so to penalties! We tried our best but unfortunately it wasn’t enough as we lost; only scoring one penalty!

So it was St Edwards v Water Orton… I am pleased to say the best team won with St Edwards clinching a win.

After all it was a good day out and we played some nice football. We were happy with how we played and we made Mr Porter and Mr Holder proud so we  were happy – overall, what an achievement!

100wc by Corben

Saturday 17th June 2013


Today we went to the park for a picknick and we had: some ham sandwiches, bananas, sausage rolls and more delicious foods. when we go there the park was very busy so before we found somewhere to sit we played on the park for a bit. After that we went on the field to find somwhere to sit then,after settling down, we unwrapped the food first we unwrapped the sandwiches then the bananas the the rest of the food. But, before we could tuck in the birds swooped down and took our fine foods so we ent home.

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Himley Cricket Competition

Year 6 played in a cricket tournament at Himley C.C earlier today. We lost our first game to Jessons Primary but managed to win our second against Maidensbridge.

Unfortunately the tournament was abandoned during our quarter final match against Howley Grange (note the dark clouds in the photo!). The weather really took a turn for the worse…

A big well done to the children who took part: they represented the school well and played in the right spirit. For a lot of the lads today was also the first time they’d played in proper cricket matches.



100 wc

Ahhh. Went my mouth after I finished my can of coke: I could still feel the bubbles tickling  in my mouth as I swallowed. . My baby brother was okay though after all he was paddling around in his swimming pool.Two huge birds appeared in the sky, they were brown and had golden eyes which stuck out from a mile away! Suddenly the birds swooped down from the sky and snatched my little brother in their claws! Consequently my mom run out of the kitchen and started to scream and shout.

“I’ll get you back son, don’t you worry,” she cried!

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The day of the blackbird


I shouted to mom who was in the kitchen,It was a hot summers day and me and my family decided to go out into the garden and have a barbeque!I was eating my food,my little brother and my big brother were playing cricket argueing,my mom in the kitchen and my dad doing the barbeque,we had a great time.Then I said

“Mom,can I sit in the garden please?”

“YES!!!”shouted mom who was cleaning and washing the dinner plates.I went down to the garden and sat there sipping my drink and enjoying the sunshine.Suddenly,I saw a blackbird who wassinging,It was very beautiful,but then it started squarking as if he/she was indanger,(and to right I was)as then millions came to it and started going crazy!It was the day of the blackbirds…

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The Two Mysterious Birds!

One day I was eating my lunch in the backgarden when suddenly two massive golden Eagles flew past me!After a few minutes I thought that the had flew off somewhere else, then out of the blue, I saw them again flying straight towards me.Then the birds flew past me and their gigantic claws rapped around my arms and I was liffred into the clear sky! They flew me to a old graveyard, which had a massive nest of Eagles. I was placed carefully in the nest and they started staring at me. I thought, why have they brought me here and what do they want with me?…

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One misty morning, there was a boy called jack and he wanted to sit silently and draw pictures of birds. So all that morning jack would just sit and birds and see what kind of birds he can spot? When it came to the afternoon there didn’t seem to be many birds around Jack wondered why but he couldn’t think of anything. The strange thing was that he felt as though he was being watched. Then suddenly the birds swooped down and sat on jack’s book. Jack wondered why they did it. I wonder what jack would draw tomorrow morning?…

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Birds Swooped Down and….

Majestically and swiftly, elegantly and gracefully, the birds swooped down and the animals such as, owls and rabbits met surrounding the spot where the new king deer of the forest was born.

He lay in a bucolic and picturesque forest with his mother. The vibrant rainbow over-looked the jungle of serenity. The sweet breeze of the soft wind gently pushed against the deer’s face with the glazing sun looking down on him scrutinising every move he made. The smell of jasmine covered the whole of the deep dark crowd of evergreens standing arms linked for miles in a silent choir.

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Sunny Day!

As I sat on the dry, freshly-cut grass, I saw the beautiful daisies scattered around like the puffy clouds in the bright blue sky. They had grown again, already. I looked up to see a new picture meet my eyes. The blinding sun glowed as the little birds swooped down and up through the long-lasting day. Their peaceful song filled my ears. Bees buzzed joyfully as they collected pollen, wasps stung and butterflies fluttered their pretty wings under the warmth of the sun. The clouds, all different shapes and sizes, moved slowly across the sky followed by the white planes.

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The Meadow

As the gentle sun rose from the horizon, the birds swooped down and sat on the rotting fence. Slowly, a defenceless rabbit hopped out of her borrow. She looks around cautiously eyeing up the lush, grassy meadow. Meandering away from the safety of her burrow the rabbit hops forward and sniffs the dewy grass and starts to eat.  Silently and carefully, majestically and gracefully, a golden eagle circled the meadow searching for its first meal of the day. Suddenly, he spies the rabbit nearby. He hovers.  Pulling his wings in with his talons up, he swoops to grab his prey…

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Lovely Weather……. By Grace

As I sat there on the soft,comfy chair surrouded by luminous flowers,  I could feel the boiling heat on my fragile skin. Above my head, the birds swooped down  and gracefully sung a soft tune. Suddenly I was filled with happieness at such a wonderful sight of the amazing butterflies, swiftly flying in the stifling air. Relaxation filled the sky at once. Soon after a croaky voice called after me…. It was my  mom…

“Grace time for dinner!”

“Ok” I replied quickly. My mom said I could eat it outside. So I did and enjoyed the wonderful nature!

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Summers Day

As I looked out of the window I saw the sun, like a massive light bulb hanging in the tranquil blue sky: it was summer.As quick as lightning I energetically rushed outside, grabbed an ice cream and relaxed on my comfy deck chair. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils from next doors barbeque, whilst birds swooped down and pinched my ice cream!”Hey!”I shouted, but obviously they couldn’t understand me, therefore they carried on until they were just a spot disappearing into the sun.Slowlybut surely candy floss clouds drifted across the sky.The tune of the wind swayed the trees sending me peacefully to sleep…


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100 WC

In the hot ,dry ,baron desert, there was no food to be found. Tiredly, the  famished trekkers stumbled through the scorching sand to reach a place to rest.


They stopped. They sat down.


Slowly, one by one , they opened their ruck sacks and put the sparse offerings before them. Altogether they didn’t even have enough to feed one man on earth. Annoyed and heartbroken, doubtful and depressed , they considered eating the crumbs or to save them for another day. Just as they had made their decision, a starving  hungry bird swooped down and ate their food. They were so furious.




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The Spectacular Surprise

As I was sitting in my lush garden, majestic birds swooped down and rapidly dug in the soil for some wriggly worms. A split second later, they were gone almost like they evaporated into thin air. Soon after, I fell asleep. After half an hour, I awakened from my deep sleep to find a spectacular surprise, a Goldfinch. It stayed in my garden for four hours, as the day passed. Night raised, the benign world fell asleep.

Morning came and when I woke up: nothing was there, just the same as I woke up the day before. TWEET! Oh no.

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The Spooky Graveyard…

Everyone had been talking about a spooky graveyard and I had always wanted to go there: I was such an adventurous person. Therefore, I set out one night, and found a colossal gate with dusty cobwebs all over it. Cautiously I opened the gate; the grave stones seemed to be watching my every step. Just before I was about to take a few more steps, the birds swooped down and one said, “Get her, she shouldn’t be here!” So they took me away further into the stone churchyard, threw me in a dusty, rotten coffin and left me to die…

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The Day We Lost Our Supper

The Day We Lost Our Supper

One peaceful summer’s morning at the crack of dawn, we set off on our fishing trip. We arrived at the pool and found the perfect spot to settle down for the day. Removing the lid off the container ” Oh Yuck”, the way they wriggle about.
Reaching in I grabbed one maggot, carefully placing it on the sharp, pointed hook.

“Grandad am I ever going to catch some fish?” Just then a sharp tug pulled on my rod. “It was a fish” I shouted. Slowly pulling out the fish, suddenly a bird swopped down and ate my fish.

” No supper tonight grandad”……..

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The mysterious bird

One glorious summers day me , my brother, mom and dad relaxed in our luxurious garden . Once we had got outside me and my brother started to play a football match; before we started we stared at this mysterious looking bird it had a tropical colour of feathers but its head was a funny shape.
I asked, “Mom what type of bird is that?”
“I’m not too sure ,it must be a mystery bird.” She replied.
Suddenly the bird swooped down and its beak popped the ball so we couldn’t play football.

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The Exciting Trip By Amber!

‘’Archie, Annabelle come lets go and feed the birds at Dudley Zoo!’’ Shouted Mom.

They both shouted, ‘’Ok!’’

‘’I am so excited,’’ Archie buzzed with excitement, ‘’I love going to the Zoo!’’

‘’Stop chatting and lets go, you don’t want to miss feeding the birds?’’ Asked Mom.


Dad got really impatient with traffic. Mom wanted to tell him to calm down but he took no for answer.

15 minutes later…

The kids got their bags of food out. Annabelle put her hand out. Suddenly the birds swooped down and ate her food but one of them took her away…

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What’s behind me ?

  One sunny evening I was in my back garden practicing my songs  for my school play when my number one mom called me.

I turned round and  ran to go and investigate but as I got closer I realised that someone or something was behind ! The thing casted a  shadow over me  – my heart skipped a beat!!!Slowly and carefully ,nervous and curious I started so turn round …

 In front of me , a   strange,  green  creature spoke evilly “Take her away .”All of a sudden some birds swooped down and before I knew it I was flying through the air !

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It was a dark winters night.

It was a dark winter’s night: the birds were singing their dreadful cacophony. On my own, I was sitting scared, petrified even, on the old bench in the heart of the gloomy forest. Suddenly I heard something above me… EEEEEK! OOOOOOH! Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, the birds swooped down and carried me away into the dark sky…

“Help!” I cried as I flew over the ancient church.

“Someone save me!”

Soon I landed in a murky swamp (strange place to land isn’t it?).

“UH OH!” I was sinking faster than a block of concrete. From that point I was never seen again…

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