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Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge: Imperial Measurements

Your task this week is to research Imperial Measurements.

I want to know:


  • Approximately how much is… 1 inch? 1 foot?  1 yard? 1 mile? (in cm, m or km)


  • Approximately how much is 1 ounce?    1 pound?   1 stone?  (in grams or kilograms)


  • Approximately how much is … 1 pint ?     1 gallon?    (in millilitres or litres)

Lastly …

  •  What is the name of the other system of measurements that we use (mm, cm, m, km / ml, l / g, kg)
  • Whyare they called Imperial Measurements?

Post your answers in the comment box and I’ll approve them when I’ll received them all.

Chapter 5 – Reveal the Murderer!

The voting was VERY close this week. Have a look on Boomwriter to see who won Chapter 4.


Chapter 5 MUST have …

* Make sure you read everything so far – your entry has to match the previous chapters


* Chapter 4 hints at who the murderer might be (leading the reader down a dead-end). You need to develop a twist so that the murderer is revealed and the reader doesn’t expect it.


* Use the ‘HANDS’ trick to make sure you have a good variety of connectives. You could also use the ‘Little finger’- ‘Middle finger’ – ‘Thumb’ trick as well.


*  Try to use an example of every sentence type we’ve done in your entry. Check on the blog to remind yourself.


You have until Sunday. We will use Monday and Tuesday for voting again. Any problems then please come and speak to me sooner rather than later.


Good luck!

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Nazi Takeover

1940-WW11-Nazi Takeover!

Travelling across a never-ending field, I caught a glimpse of a bucolic landscape; a pungent smell of horse manure took over my nostrils! Green shoots could just be seen as green paratroopers gently floated to the lush ground! Weirdly, the Germans looked like Leprechauns in their green parashoots: looking as green as grass.

Run, stay, cry for help or scream as loud as I can- what should I do?

As quick as I could, I rushed to alarm my family!

Suddenly the scorching weather changed! Terrifyingly, lightening struck the windmills.

We all ran for our precious lives… hoping!

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Hi everyone, look at this cool way to send messages through google maps!

Click on th link:

I hope it works!;)

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Exciting New Competitions! :)

Do you fancy entering another writing competition? Well, I may have the one for you! When I was out during the weekend, my mum spotted a leaflet with a writing challenge on! Read on to find out more…!

Well, this is what you need to do: you need to write a short story, with no more that 500 words, including the theme’ Around the World’! That needs to be submitted by the 3rd of June 2013. To submit your story go online to:

If you can’t post it like this, you could hand in your story at your local Explore Learning Centre( all of that is also on the website). By the way your stories will be judged by the best selling author Cressida Cowell!

What are the prizes?

I am sure you are all wondering what the prizes are, well…. The first prize is a family trip to Disney Land Paris, and £500 worth of books for your school!

If you enter; GOOD LUCK!

If Mr Holder submits this post, I will give him the leaflet to look at!

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Another Useful Link

Here is another link for Numeracy SATS revision that will be helpful to all of you.

I will add it to the Numeracy section in the toolbar on the bottom right.

The Mysterious Alien

BOOM went the rocket as it pierced through the air hastily. Then when Johnson, the boy who was controlling the vibrant rocket, landed he got shocked at his sight by a blue bodied alien. He slowly got out of his rocket because he didn’t want to scare or disturb the special creature.  Johnson got his lunch and his camera out of his rocket. Quickly, he took the flash off just in case it made the skinny creature jump. CRUNCH! MUNCH! Johnson turned around and found the mysterious alien eating on one of Johnson’s very favourite sandwich. He absolutely loved it.

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Martin’s Adventure:D

One strange day Martin woke up on the moon( RANDOM!!!). Three diminutive aliens waddled up to him.

“Hi my name is Paul, I’m from the moon,”

Then the smallest alien of the three blearted out.

“Stop hogging the fame Paul!”

“Ok who are you,” Martin asked.

“I told your i’m  Paul”

“Look at my jujitsu,” Paul said.

Then Jeff the biggest alien was kicked of the moon by Paul.

“Sorry Jeff I didn’t meen to do that,” Paul shouted.

Suddenly ,out of the blue, Martin jumped of the moon to save jeff.

But when Martin jumped a huge black hole apered and swollowed Martin and Jeff up ALIVE.

“That was disappointing.”

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Picnic on the Moon

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Whoosh! Flying up out the Earths atmosphere, he was off, through the picturesque, liquorice black sky. Marcus peered out his window like a hawk spying on his prey. WOW! Sherbet was scattered all over a blanket of ink. Crash!

“Oh No! Malfunction!” Marcus cried: he held his head in his hands and sobbed. As he cautiously clambered out of the metallic rocket he noticed a small turquoise creature appear out of a large crater.

“Hello,” Marcus shouted, “Want any lunch?”

“Yes,” a small voice replied as he approached Marcus.

Yum! Yum! What a divine taste…

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A Picnic on the Moon!

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BLAST OFF! Scared but excited I shot into the sky blasting through the atmosphere and heading for the moon.

I, Jonathon Debbleken had been chosen out of everyone in the world to go on a mission to the Moon alone. Millions of people had wanted to do it but I had been the lucky one.

When I got there I saw an alien standing outside my rocket! “Do you want a picnic.” He asked, “I’ve got food.” I stood there in bewilderment. “Are you a – a- an Alien”, I spluttered as I sat down. He didn’t answer but in the end I had a picnic with him!

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A Magnificent Journey to Space …….. By Grace and Lucy.

Sunday night Freddie was snuggled up in his cosy bed … When suddenly he had a magnificent dream. WOOSH! He was in a shiny, glistening rocket, rapidly zooming up into breathtaking space. All of a sudden, he noticed a cheese-like ball! He gasped in amazement.


As he descended deeper into the mysterious world, his mind told him to pull over and investigate…. BEEP! BEEP! The Rocket pulled over onto the bumpy surface. Anxiously he floated over and gracefully sat in the crater. A small, short, blue  creature slowly waddled over to him.


“Greetings my friend!”  He stuttered.


“HUU!” Freddie gasped.



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Max’s Trip to the Moon


“Bye Mom!” Max shouted. Max was on his way to N.A.S.A, he had been selected to fly to the moon so he was very excited. When he got there he was greeted by the head of N.A.S.A, Sir John. Straight away he got led to the Rocket.


5,4,3,2,1! BLAST OFF!


He was off, zooming through out of space. Questions were running round his head. Am I the first person on the moon? Is the moon really made of cheese?


When he got there he saw a frienly-looking alien… so he shared his sandwiches with him.

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6T Boomwriter Update – Chapter 4

I‘m ended the voting for Chapter 3. It was VERY close this week. Well done to the winner: you can go and see who it was on the Boomwriter website.

I’m not going to start the competition for Chapter 4 until next week when we start back at school. If you want to start drafting it for yourself before we start back then feel free.

Chapter 4 Tips

* Read the whole story so far really closely – make sure your entry matches everything that has gone on so far

* Detective Graham needs to start investigating: looking for clues, talking to the suspects, etc… How do the clues match the story so far? Who could the murderer be? Keep the reader guessing!

* Make it sound like someone is really guilty only then go onto include some information that rules them out.

* Include some action. Maybe there is a chase around the mansion or a fight erupts?

* Remember we’re not going to reveal who the murderer is until the very end of the story.

* Use different sentence types and tricks – they’re on the blog to remind you.

* Use Level 5 punctuation : ; – Again look at the blog for examples if you’ve forgotten

* Try some new vocabulary out.


Good luck. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


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Easter School!

imageThis Easter holiday, some children were chosen to come to school and work on their maths! I am one of  those children( Ellie W) and so far, even though it is only the first day, it has really helped me!

Today we worked on graphs and multiplying  and dividing three digit numbers! To start with I was a bit wobbly on graphs, but after todays lesson I really understand them and how to estimate amounts or the time on a graph! We also had a sheet of homework so we could work on our multiplying, and I got all of them, exept for a little one I messed up on because I forgot to carry a number over: silly mistake! 🙁

I now really understand both graphs and multiplying numbers, and that was only with a bit of extra practice! Now you might be thinking well that is really boring, but actually it isn’t and I really enjoyed todays Easter School!:)


Happy Easter!!!!


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1. What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years and days?

2.  The more you have of it the less you see, what is it?

3.  What has a head, a tail, is brown and has no legs?

4. What gets wetter as it dries?

Please don’t use the internet! I hope you get them right!


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6T – Boomwriter Update

Just to let you know the voting process for Chapter 3 of ‘The Kill’ is now underway on Boomwriter. It ends on Friday.

Check the blog again early next week as there will be an overview of what you need to get into your entry for Chapter 4.

Thank you for your entries – I had all but three (I know who you are…!).

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