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Chocolate Factory- throughout space!


Flying across the galaxy, travelling at the speed of light; I could see chocolate nebulars coming from the Milky Way!  As I got closer…


It crashed into my metallic rocket! I landed in the centre of the inter-galactic hole.

Outside, the stars are aero bubbles majestically floating though the liquorice night sky (inside, however was a picturesque, divine chocolate waterfall!)

Looking at all that chocolate my mouth started to water…!  I started drinking the melted scrumptiousness.

The lights turned on.

It was then I saw Oompa Loompa’s, and Willy Wonka- my all-time favourite character!–  working with my brother…!



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Made Up Riddle!

You put a coin in the oven

but it’s covered in foil,

And it’s not a normal coin.

It’s related to Easter

And most people like them,

what is it you put in the oven.


There’s two answers!

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The Volcano and the Easter Bunny.


Doctor Easter Bunny hopped majestically towards his mountain of chocolate: he had been saving it all year. Looking at all that chocolate, he furiously started to dig through the immense mountain. However his fluffy head glanced off rock! As quick as lightning he viciously scraped all the chocolate off the rock and an enormous volcano stood before him guarding his underground lair…

“Yeeeeeepeeeee!”  He shouted excitedly as he sprinted up the volcano. When he got to the top he energetically dived into volcano full melted chocolate. But then he realised it was a bad idea because he was drowning!!!!!

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Chocolate Dream…!

Do you like chocolate? If so, read on…


As our purple Fiat 500 pulled up outside the magnificent chocolate shop – named ‘Chocolate For You’ – my ever-gazing eyes scrutinized the brown chocolate behind the double-glazed window. Although they didn’t have white-chocolate (my favourite!), I still didn’t mind eating some milk-chocolate. Despite not being allowed it for a week because of my bad behaviour, I still dared to ask my parents if I could eat some chocolate.

“NO!” they answered firmly.

My wonderful dream was because of this fabulous day. I, Willy Wonka, opened the biggest chocolate factory in the world!


Lucy S,




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The Golden Ticket… By Sophie and Corben.

Tuesday 27th March

Dear Grandpa Joe,

Today I went to the shop and brought a Wonka Bar. To my surprise, this was no ordinary chocolate bar- it had a golden ticket inside! I was so excited I ran home to mom to tell her the news. On the outside I couldn’t stop smiling (however on the inside I was nervous because I was going to be on TV.)  , also you get a life time supply of chocolate! I would really like it if you could come with me so we would both be looking at all the chocolate.


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Luke And The Choclate Factory!!!:):):)

“Would you like to visit Willy Wonkers amazing choclate Factory?”shouted the tv.

“YES”replied Luke with a lot of enthusiasum after he had stopped picking his nose.

“Well get a gold ticket by buying some yummy Willy Wonkers chocolate.”screamed the tv

Two weeks later…

Some people thought he brought a lot of choclate to get a gold ticket ; infact he only had three bars. Nevertheless Luke is never greedy but this time he ate all three chocolates to himself and thats why he is at Willy Wonkers factory now.While he was in the factory he said looking at all that choclate is making my mouth water.

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Pingu’s Dream! By Amber and Alex M



Pingu, the number one penguin in the Antarctica, was waddling home from an adventurous day of to tobogganing. Suddenly a fountain of oozing chocolate burst out of the freezing, cold ice like a volcano of coco larva! Looking at all that chocolate Pingu was hypmatised into a long dream! Pingu couldn’t believe what he saw in his dream: there was a Fredo factory, a Whisper Wagon, Twix Tornado and finally a Bounty Blizzard. However when Pingu woke up there was no Fredo factory or Whisper Wagon or a Twix Tornado, all that was happening was his dad doing the ironing as usual! There is a known case of a bounty blizzard or is it just snow?

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The Temptation ……. By Grace and Callum.

Looking at all that chocolate… The temptation was irresistible. The instant boy stared at the mouth- watering eggs above the cupboard. Meanwhile his mom was out shopping. Suddenly,  his hand began to rise above the side. Not only that, he began to reach out to the chocolate (white chocolate, his favourite.) His soft, fragile skin began to unwrap the lavish Easter eggs’ wrapper! More over, he found him self rapidly shooving pieces of delicious chocolate down his chubby face. However he couldn’t stop. The melted chocolate danced on his taste buds making him want more. BANG! His mom bounded in…

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Chapter 3 : The Murder!

A big well done to Abbie who won last week’s Boomwriter competition.

This week it’s chapter 3! You need to decide how Bruce Winston is murdered and weave it into the story.

You need to show off your very best writing skills – remember to use : ; – and HANDS!

Remember the following things:

* Your chapter must follow chapter 1 and chapter 2 so read them very carefully to see what’s gone on.

*Don’t give away who the murderer is – you need to keep the reader guessing. Everyone should be a suspect.

*Develop the motives (reasons) that the different characters have for killing Bruce Winston.

* Build the tension and suspence!

*Leave the chapter on a cliffhanger to keep the reader hooked in.

Govind’s NEW Riddles!!

Can anyone work out the answers?

Please, please, please don’t use the internet!


1. You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. And yet within that very place, my face you often see.  What am I?


2. Say my name and I disappear.  What am I?


3. I can be long, or I can be short.
I can be grown, and I can be bought.
I can be painted, or left bare.
I can be round, or square.
What am I?


4. I’m full of holes, yet I’m full of water.  What am I?


Who can answer them all?

I will say it again: please, please, please don’t use the internet.

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Sky as blue as the ocean,

White fluffy clouds floating happily,

This has to be the magic postion.


crystal clear sea,

Not a ripple in the ocean,

No sounds and no motion.


This can only be……… Paradise.

By Georgia Hudson.

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Numeracy Challenge #12 Due in Friday 29th March


This week’s problem may be a few years late but it’s good practice to think about units of time. You should know the relationships between seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks.

You can use a calculator to help.


Math! Can you get them all?

Here is a simple maths question:


Here is a harder maths question:

What is four tenths of 90?

Here is some trickier math questions:

If B is 7, what is 8b+4b

What the simplest way of saying 9b+2b

Here is a hard math question,:

Is the radius is 8 what is the diameter.


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Ellie’s Riddles!

1. What word when written in capital letters is the same forwards, backwards and upside down?

2. Pronounced as one letter but written with three, only two different letters are used to make me. I’m double, i’m single, I am black blue and grey. I am read from both ends and the same either way.

3.You are in a cement room with no windows or doors, the only thing you have is a mirror and a piece of wood, how do you get out?

4. What has four eyes but can’t see?

Good luck, hope you get some of them!

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Try answer it.

What has kst in the middle,

In the begging,

And at the end.


Tip: read it carefully.

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Who Knows The Answer?


1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20

What’s the mitsake?




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Ginger,my cat.

Ginger is my cat,he’s a mysterious little chap, he’s almost the colour of an orange. He’s playful and friendly and loves to chase the birds in the garden,however he can also behave very strangely at times because he refuses to eat his cat food and all he will eat is  juicey oranages! Have you ever heard of anything so silly as that? An orange coloured and orange eating cat!!! Then if that isn’t mad enough he also likes to take a nice warm bath after his cat nap! He really is a strange mysterious cat.

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Chapter 2 & Character Profiles

This week your boomwriter task is to write chapter 2 of our murder mystery story ‘The Kill’.

You need to use your very best writing skills to create a descriptive chapter that helps to move the story along. Please make sure you read chapter 1 and follow on from where it left off.

Chapter 2 is basically the build – up : you need to introduce the dinner party guest and leave clues for the reader about them. You also need to set things up for the dilemma in chapter 3. You have a word limit of 500 words – it’s up to you how much you use.

Remember, we will be voting for our favourite chapter once everyone has entered their work. The quality of your writing is what is important! Think of interesting ways of introducing the characters – are they all already there? Are some of them already talking? Are some yet to arrive? Does the main character know any of them?

Also – VERY IMPORTANT – the reader knows nothing – it’s up to you to introduce things into the story!

Here are your character profiles from earlier this week –


image image image image image image image image image image


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Numeracy Challenge #11 Due in Friday 22nd March

Here is your challenge for this week:

As always give it your best shot. In your answer explain what you’ve done to try and work it out…

Heads and Tails


You also need to work your way through the games and activities on the Maths Bootcamp- Day 6 & 7: Fractions.


The Orange Bath

Around the corner from my house, lives a scruffy old cat named Nibbles. Unlike Nibbles, most cats are very bold and brave ; Nibbles has a mysterious phobia of orange baths. Every time Nibbles sees an orange bath he clings to the door: as a result of this, his owners have to seperate him from it. Wierdly, Nibbles enjoys having an ordinary bath. Creepily, Nibbles chases orange mice but he does not like orange baths! You may be thinking  ‘ What a stupid cat ‘  ‘ What is wrong with him’. But  Nibbles hates orange baths because his mommy got sucked down the plughole!

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