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Deep within the forest

It was a cold winter’s night in December, deep in the middle of the spooky forest. The weather made visability almost impossible to see, thick mist hung low between the trees finding it difficult to see. I removed my compass from my inner jacket pocket, somehow the compass seemed to be inaccurate. I could not rely on this it was giving me irregular readings.

Around me were noises echoing from different directions. Moving as fast as I could my legs began to ache. Finally, having reached the roadside a beam of light glared at me and the car stopped suddenly

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Curry Night

It was Friday…CURRY NIGHT. I had been waiting all day for school to end ; time would not pass. Bring! Bring! Finally, the school bell screamed an ear piercing shrill to mark the end of school.

” YES! ” I screamed as I exited the building through our dilapidated doors. Rapidly I sprinted home and let my self in.

“Hi mom, Hi dad,” I shouted in an excited voice. Helplessly my mind went barmy for curry.

Madras, Vindaloo, Biryani, Bhuna, Dopiazzaand don’t forget Tikka Masala. Slowly, our car drove to the curry shop : I was tingling with excitement.  Suddenly, the car stopped. WAHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!



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The Grand Prix Dream!

It was Thursday the 28th of February, the most important day of my life, my dream that I have longed for at the 2014 at the Grand Prix! I trembled with fear; my hands were shaking as fast as lightning and my heart was going quicker than ever before!

And then, about ten minutes later, the judge call my name, it was my time to shine! Slowly but swiftly, I eventually reached the edge of the door (to enter the Grand Prix.) The guards, that was surrounded me, slowly opened the door. I got into my car, it suddenly stopped!

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As the car…

As I was driving down a narrow street,  something caught my eye as it sat on top of an old tatty wall. I pulled over to see what it could be? I wasn’t quite sure but it had a golden-plated piece of jewellery on the top and a silver ribbon wrapped around it.  So, I took it with me and drove off as fast as a twitch to show my family what I’d found. They all seemed excited and shouted,”WOW! That looks amazing, but what is it?” Surprisingly, a  flap on the side opened to let out a tiny car driven by a mouse  and the car stopped suddenly…

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Georgia’s 100 wc

HONK HONK! As me and my mother was hurrying down the motor way we came to a standstill. The traffic, which was deafening, was driving us insane. Even though we had to take this exact route my mom decided to turn off at the next junction. As we were travelling up the road, mom braked, the car stopped suddenly. ”What’s happened mom?” I questioned.

“I don’t know Georgia,” She replied. As my mom was trying to discover what’d happened, I yelled “Mom, there’s been an accident!”

Eventually we got home and we found out (in the newspaper) that it wasn’t a collision; it was just a silly old goat that had escaped from a lush, green farmers’ field.

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The Killer!

“Take me down like I’m a domino” sang Zoë joyfully as she swerved through the cramped roads. She was on her way to a party at her work : it was a new years eve party! Feeling excited she darted as swift as an arrow down the tarmac! Right in front of her was a figure in a large red robe…
“Hello my pretty,” it hissed evilly!
“ hel..llo,” stuttered Zoe. Her heart was now thumping like a boxer hitting it’s opponent! The car stopped suddenly!
“Aaaaahhhh,” she screamed as an excruciating pain filled her body! Darkness followed…

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The car who brought dead !

One warm,summers day,I thought that I should tell my dad to go out on a car ride to meet his best friend.So I ask him and he agreed with me,he opened the door and got into the car with me(it was a licourishe,black lambagini.)when we started to drive,my dad was acting very suspicious as if something was wrong,so I said to him,”What’s wrong dad?”he didn’t say anything until he shouted…”THIS CAR IS THE CAR OF DEAD!!!”then the car suddenly stopped and me and my dad ran for our lives until we fell to the ground whithout anyone knowing,even my mother!!!

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The Oblivion.

Me, Mom and Dad are going to Alton Towers today!Even though I was tired, I still ecstatically jumped into the packed car.Gradurely the car started up and we headed striaght for Alton Towers.Slowly but surely I drifted to sleep…

“Jack, Jack wake up!”my Mom shouted,”We’re here here!”With one sudden Jerk upwards I woke, finding myself gazing out at many terrifing rolo-coasters.Which one first?

After Ghost trains, rolo-coasters and arcades we finally reached The Oblivion!Possibly the most frightening ride stood before us scrutenizing Alton Towers like a guard.

When we finally reached the top and hung over, the cart stopped suddenlly…

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The Australian Drive

The car journey was tedious, hot and just plain, old boring! I gazed, dreamily out of the car window: tree…bush…dirt…more bush, was this Australian car journey ever going to end? The engine of the car purred like a lazy cat on a sunny Sunday morning; confirming that this drive was tiresome. But then, out of nowhere, the car stopped suddenly. Boredom was rapidly replaced with surprise. I couldn’t see a single thing, why had the car stopped? Should I get out and investigate, should I stay inside in case it’s dangerous or should I phone for help-what should I do…?

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Our Video Guide to Blogging by 6T

Please have a look at these informative, and at times, slightly strange, video-guides to the world of blogging.

Let us know what you think of them!

Fright Night!

We were driving past the woods when the car stopped suddenly; something was in front of the car. What was it? Was it something big? Was it something small? My Mother got out of the car first then I crept out. Even though I got out of the car, I didn’t want to look at what was there. It had disappeared! Mom and I looked at each other we were both speechless. I saw glimpse of it as it scarpered through the woods. I ran after the monster and mom followed, it was quite big and metallic blue in colour…

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What was it? By Grace

The car stopped suddenly…

Scared, I asked my mom “Did we run over that person?”

“Wait a minute dear” she replied worried. Hearing this I knew we  had. Should i get out?- Should I stay?- Should I run?: What should i do? I mumbled to myself. Sneakily, I looked out of the transparent  window.

“HUU!” I gasped in fright. But seeing a thing lying there, I knew it wasn’t a person. Rapidly, the strange, unusual creature fearfully lashed out at us!

“DRIVE MOM!” I screeched. Quickly, she put her shaking foot on the pedel.

“What could it be?” I wondered…

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The Car Stopped Suddenly!

One day me and my family were on the  road going on holiday. Suddenly the car stopped! We got out to see what stopped the car.In the middle of the road was a brick wall! I walked towards it to make sure that it was real.  As soon as  my hand touch it  my hand went right through the wall! I stuck my head through and I saw a waterfall and a rainbow over he top! Above my head, the candy- flossed stained clouds floated past me to the tune of the wind. The shimmering rainbow lead to gold!…


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The Mysterious man

‘’You don’t know you’re beautiful…’’sang Chloe happily. As she drove down the motorway carefully. She was excited because she was visiting her cousins Jake and Rachel they are both kind and helpful. Suddenly the car stopped.

‘’No,’’moaned Chloe ‘’I need to get fuel.’’ Chloe looked to see how much petrol she had and it was half full. ‘’What could it be? Could of the battery died?’’ she pondered.

Somewhere in Manchester…

Knock! Knock! Knock! An uncanny man, wearing a black robe, knocked loudly.

‘’Hello.’’ Chloe spoke.

‘’Hi I see your battery has died’’ the man whispered.


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The Car Stopped Suddenly…

It was a cold a dark night, I was in my car. The car stopped suddenly. A huge bear was right in front of me! “Reverse! Reverse!” I screamed as the bear opened the car! We unexpecdictly   abandoned the car and jumped into the prickly bush and then we fell into a murky river. Uh oh I thought to myself as I saw a vicious alligator down the stream! “Get out! Get out!” I screamed and then we made our way down to the busy road. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH” I screamed as an eagle swooped down and then started to peck me!


By Alex H

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The Car Stopped Suddenly…

Moments later, I carefully and gently opened my blurry eyes. I could see around about 2 or 3 of everything around me. Pounding, my heart was almost about to burst out of my chest while my hurting head was throbbing. At the same time as my eyes returning back to their normal state, I cautiously got up from the car’s seat and sat back into a relaxing position. I was not quite sure if my parents had realised what had happened to me; I wasn’t too sure either!  Slowly, I looked at of the window and the car stopped suddenly…

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What Happened

I remember now it was twilight and it was raining heavily,  I was driving down a country lane.  I could only see a few things but I saw a bright white light that shone  around the corner of the lane. In curiosity, I drove up towards to the light. I looked out  of the window to find there was a light bulb floating in mid air. I heard a high pitched scream but there was no one there! I saw a black figure in a cloak  run across the road. Then there were tapping on the roof the car stopped suddenly…

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One frosty morning me, Lucy, dad and mom all went out on a family trip but we had to go through the creepy woods so my little sister stayed behind.  A few minutes later, after we were all packed, we started to go into the terrifying forest for a camping trip. Then we discovered a sloppy, mud river.  Suddenly the car stopped near by the muddy river.  As quick as a flash, two green animals strolled up the bumpy hill that was right in front of us. “who had a gun and why did they shoot it” I asked myself …

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My 100 Word Challenge

“You’ve only got one shot, so make it count…” sang Katie to the music on the radio. She was going to see her friend Stacey. Her friend lived far away: she lived in Manchester. Unexpectedly, she heard an unusual rattling noise; she thought it was because the car was very old. Hesitantly she carried on. As she entered a familiar road- which she knew wasn’t far from her friends’ house- the car suddenly stopped. Katie panicked; is there anybody around who can help me?  she thought. As quick as a flash, a ghostly figure appeared in the passenger seat! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

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The Adventures of a Time Traveller

It was a cold winter’s night and the year was 1984 I had just finished a hard day’s work and decided to call in at my parents’ house. I was 29 years old when it happened. Well you might be wondering what did happen, I have decided to tell you and this is it.


As I knocked on the old, rickety door. I was answered by an old man called Chris, who is also my dad; he asked me if I wanted a warm cup of tea I answered him with a big yes. He walked into the brightly painted kitchen and told me to wait for him in the cold, dark basement. Slowly I walked down the creaky stairway when I saw a weird shaped contraption hidden beneath an old, dusty sheet. I stood still wondering what could be underneath the sheet so speedily I ripped of the sheet and saw a machine that flashed as bright as a star on a clear night. Suddenly a sharp metal door opened automatically, inside was a small wooden stool and lots of buttons. Cautiously I walked inside the machine and sat down. Unfortunately I had a terrible cold. ACHOO! My hand quickly hit one of the buttons when suddenly I heard weird noises. VROOOOO VROOOOOOO VROOOOO.

All of a sudden I dropped to the floor with a massive thud. When I looked up all I could see was a set of sharp teeth and a scaly face.That is when I realised I had gone back in time. Everything around me was a dusty, scolding wasteland, suddenly I ran turned round and wondered were the time machine had gone. I ran frantically ,wondering where on earth I was ,when, I saw the time machine it was on top of a tall ,rocky volcano. I sprinted towards the volcano; I was soon interrupted a dinosaur which was as tall as a full grown tree in the jungle. Slowly but surely I tip toed towards the forest trying to avoid its attention. It stared at me, slowly bringing out its teeth I wondered what it was thinking but as it came towards me I began to realise. Scared I ran towards the large forest and climbed up a tree hoping the dinosaur hadn’t seen me.Teradactles were flying high in the sky stalking their prey .I thought to myself that I was probably going to be their next prey so quickly I jumped of the tree and hid inside a large bushy hedge. The Teradactles flew away the other dinosaur did the same thing I thought I was safe I was wrong. A herd of raptors came heading for me I quickly ran up to the top of the large volcano trying not to be caught, as I reached the top of the volcano I jumped inside the time machine and pressed the button that I pressed before hoping I would appear at home.Fortunatly my hoping helped a lot.

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