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Voltaic: A Unique Experience

Last week we created holiday brochures for ‘Voltaic’ – one of the fantasy islands from Myst III.

All of 6T have worked really hard to produce their own Revelation Sight & Sound videos. The children have combined their ideas from the persuasive writing in their books, recorded their ideas and used music and pictures to accompany it. Here is the video made by Callum and Govind. Please let us know what you think!

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The box

I breathed slowly.  Coils of blue lace interlinked through the gem-encrusted handles that shone like  stars in the gothic black sky. What was inside ? A strip of fuschia – pink ribbon twirled around the marble coloured box like a snake choking its prey. My eyes were fixated on the silent mystery that was seated upon my shaking knees. The box started to rattle and wobble. Swords of light were flicking it into the air and my stomach cartwheeled into a never-ending carousel. Magic flowed from the secretive corners of the enlightend box. Pixie dust fell on me . The lid popped off and all was reavealed.

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Mr Holder’s Numeracy Challenge #2 – for Tues 18th Dec


On the planet Vuv there are two sorts of creatures. The Zios have 3 legs and the Zepts have 7 legs.

The great planetary explorer Nico, who first discovered the planet, saw a crowd of Zios and Zepts. He managed to see that there was more than one of each kind of creature before they saw him. Suddenly they all rolled over onto their backs and put their legs in the air.

He counted 52 legs. How many Zios and how many Zepts were there?
Do you think there are any different answers?

Just like last week, please hand in your answers on paper with your name on – the solutions will be given as a reply to this post next week. Please see previous Numeracy Challenges for their solutions.

Literacy Homework Task – Ready for Tues 18th Dec

Please visit – and have a go at the quiz questions on there

***Please don’t worry about how many you get right or wrong – just have a look at how the questions are set out: this will help you in this week’s job. You can also use the buttons at the bottom of the question to help you find the answers. ***

Then Mrs Hopkins and I would like you to find three words which are completely brand new to you. (These might be from, your current reading book, a dictionary – anywhere really!) If you’ve been using your Reading Reflections properly, then you should have a whole bank of new words to choose from.

We would then like you to use the new words to ask three quiz questions – similar to those on For example:

precious (let’s pretend this is my new word that I’ve recently discovered)

Does the word precious mean:

1. When someone or something grows too big.

2. Something  worth a lot.

3. A horrible feeling.

Obviously the answer would be number 2!


You will be given a partner whose job it will be to answer your questions as a reply. You will have to answer your partner’s questions.

This week’s task needs to be posted as a reply to this post please (not a post of it’s own). Also, try to look for and use the most original words possible!

Any problems then please let us know – preferably before Tuesday!

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The Mysterous Box

Is this for me? Is this a trap? It could be dangerous? Could it be a pipe bomb? The luminous, florescent pink bow stared at me like god scrutinizing my every move. It was Christmas in a couple of day`s (2 days in fact). I was on the edge on my seat; it was the world cup final in the last minute. I could hear my icy cold breath as I breathed in anticipation, still staring at the fabric coved box. There was something strange, different, mystical, and magical about this box I shook it carefully. What could it be?

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Persuasive Writing – Visit Voltaic!

Here is some wonderful work persuading people to visit Voltaic: a fantasy island from the Myst 3 adventures. The children have worked really hard on this – well done!

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The Magical, Mysterious box

One frosty December day I woke up from my beautiful sleep to find a rattling noise coming from under my bed. WHAT COULD IT BE? I sneakly peeked under my bed. To my amazment there was a pretty box with a baby pink ribbon wrapped round it. I was scared because it wasn’t there last night. I quickly looked away because I thought it was my Christmas present. But why was it rattling? Could it be a  living thing? Perhaps it was a hampster. But surely my mum and dad wouldn’t put a hampster in a box under my bed.

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Should I or shouldn’t I ?

What could it be? It is for me? Is it dangerous? Is it magic? Could it be a nightmare? Could it be a CD or even tickets to a concert? Could it be all I dream of? Should I shake it or would I break it?

My fingers slowly reached out to touch the perfect purple bow perched on top, but my conscience is stopping me. Whose could it be? What if I opened it and it wasn’t mine then my reputation would be gone. I would have opened something that was not mine – that would look really bad. OPEN IT!

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the box of mystery

As I entered the mysterious room I saw a very weird box, it had a very sinister black coloured coating and Purple coating. Curiously I walked up to this intimidating box and peered at what was inside. Inside was hope, fear, hate and love, as I opened it fully it all rushed franticly round this mysterious room. Quickly I grabbed the box and started to examine it. I started to look more carefully at the sinister black coating I saw how it was just like a black hole deep dark and dangerous. As I tried to look at the ribbon it went off with a woosh!

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The Beating Box…

As I peeked through a minute gap in the door, I saw a black and pink box which was so large that I could even fit a whole world inside. Confused and speechless, astonished and nervous, I staggered across the room to take a closer look. I took one brave closer, heard a beat and a beat again and back flipped fearlessly landing only a few feet away, staring in amazement. But i didn’t just sit there, I found my feet and stood up to get back into the groovy beat. Could it be my only dream has come true?…

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The Mysterious Box by Corben Shaw

As I walked into the room in front of my eyes I noticed a mysterious box sitting on the floor like a tiger under the sun. When I approached the box I noticed it was leather also that it had a pink bow on top. I was perplexed by this box. Could it be for me? I wondered to myself. If I open this box, if I peek inside would life ever be the same? It lay there staring at me. Open it or leave it – which one should I do? I decided to open it…

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My Present.

Once again my parents had bought me another weird present. Except this one I never knew I was getting! It was heavy. It made a noise. It smelt quite a bit as well as moving quickly. Amazingly it started to emerge from its box. Rip! Rip! It was coming out…  What could it be? A puppy, a mouse, a hamster or a cat- which one  could it be? Right in front of my ever gazing eyes was a key!? How could it be moving, how could it be making a noise? Or maybe it is a very magical, mysterious key!?

By Alex H

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The Mysterious Box

Finally, I hadn’t slept all night and now was the time, the time to untie the florescent pink bow with my nimble fingers,it was Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, there was a chilly, icy silence in the room… I sat there perched on the edge of my seat so much anticipation has gone into one moment have I set my hopes to high after all it was just a present.But there was something mystical,mysterious,magical about this one I was sure of it, I breathed in it was so quiet you could here a pin drop. What was inside…?

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The Christmas Present.

There it is the mysterious present waiting to be opened.No one  has said who  it’s for.It’s just too tempting to undo the ruby red ribbon.But it’s not for me.Or is it?For so many days it’s been standing underneath my  extravaganza of a  Christmas tree.Luckily it is Christmas Eve so I’ll find out who it’s for tomorrow…It’s Christmas!I didn’t have time to tell  Mom and dad.Ecstatic and excited, shocked and curious I merrily galloped  downstairs.A mountain of presents awaited me.I searched everywhere but the box had gone.


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The Mystery Box by Govind

As I stood like a statue, the mysterious, black box, wrapped with a silky, pink ribbon, stared at me waiting for someone to vigorously pull the ribbon off and lift the lid. I couldn’t do it; I was told not to touch it as it wasn’t for me – it was for my 5year old cousin, it was her birthday tomorrow. It was so tempting, I couldn’t hold back but I knew I had to. After a moment, the box somehow started to control my brain and made me fall on my knees and made me pull the ribbon and lift the lid…

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The Mysterious Box!!!!

As I walked into my room,which was full of christmas decorations,there was a presest under my small christmas tree.It was grey and had a floresent coloured ribbon which wrapped around th box.It stared at me as if I had done somethink wrong.The size of the box was medium,not to big not to small.Quitley the mysterious box lay on the cream carpeted flooring protecting the roon just like a body gaurd would.The only thing is that I wish is that is was for me!

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the box by Jayden

In the distance there lay a mysterious box. Shall i walk closer or should i stay back? what could be inside tresure, diamonds or even rubys. i must enclose on the box. i must see what is inside of it. but what if it bites. I slowly walk towards it. I can even smell something that smells like magic. I can fell exitement bubbling inside of my mouth. I can see it lying there under the christmas tree. Is it what i have thought it was this whole time or is it a completily different thing. I must find out. But i cant… Or maby…


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The mysterious box …. by Grace Evans

On the floor there lay a black mysterious box.  A florescent bow covered part of it leaving me feeling anxious to open it! A voice spoke “open me you know you want to.”  What if a miracle was happening, what if world war one  was going on! Dazzling sparks came of the box filling the room with happiness and laughter! This mysterious  wonder glared at me, hypnotising me with its beauty! What if there was thousands of glistening dimands waiting to be held. Or a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear, tropical sea. What could be in there? Shall i open it…

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The Mystery Box

As I entered the room I saw a mysterious box, however, as I got closer, the box was tuning invisible. I thought that it didn’t want me to open it. ”WOOOOOOOOOH!” the box yelled.”Good Grief! Did you just speak?” I gasped. It didn’t reply and I saw that the box had a ribbon  wrapped around it so I went to pull the ribbon off but it disappeared as fast as lightning. Next,  I walked out of the room to see what would happen, and it came back as quick as a cheetah.  I tried to open the box again,  because I was really desperate to open it. Would I catch the box or not?…….

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The Mysterious Box!

Somewhere far far away from here there stood a cottage, no one ever entered or exited the residence.  I wanted to have a little peak inside however, my mom forbid it!  I really wanted to go inside but I always told myself I should definitely listen to my mom. Every day I walked passed that creepy house and nothing changed, nevertheless one day I saw a dazzling ray of light so I ran into the garden. There deposited in the long overgrown weeds was a bulky glossy black box with an appealing baby pink bow on it. Should I open it?

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