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100 Word Challenge for Tuesday 4th December

We will be entering your work into the 100 word challenge web site this week. For more information on the 100 word challenge look for the link below on the right. Fingers crossed some of you may even make it onto the 100 word ‘weekly showcase’…

You will need to write your homework as a post – not a reply. That way we can send it directly to the 100 word challenge website. We’ll show you how to do this in class, it’s pretty easy – some of you have already managed to do this. This week’s competition closes at 9pm on Tuesday 4th Dec.

Here is your prompt, somewhere in your work you must include this clause:

… it looked upside down …

The rest is up to you! Be as creative as you like…just remember 100 words only (or as near as you can get!).

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Welcome Quadbloggers!

A big hello and welcome to our new friends from Bolton, Canada and Hong Kong. Please feel free to use this post to place any comments, questions or greetings that you have for us!

We look forward to getting to know you all.

From Year 6

Belle Vue Primary School

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Homework task – 100 word challenge 27.11.12

This week we want you to describe this scene. Try to use the sentence tricks we’ve been looking at in school. Click on the photo for a better view.

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My Blog

Hello, I have made a blog through google. I only started yesterday and I would like people to comment however no one knows about it. 🙁 If you can, can you visit my site and comment please?

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Pupils of Wordsley

Recently, I have been to Wordsley School and a few children from other schools came too. We were asked to write detailed articles for the Wordsley schools newsletter POW [ PUPILS OF WORDSLEY] . These articles had to be about the other students schools and what they had been doing over the last 6 months . In my article , I talked about our blog [ belle vue] and how year 6 set up this site so that we could look at each others work. I also mentioned that we are part of a quad blogging group . After that, I left the details of where to find our blog on google so hopefully we will have lots of visitors looking at our site.

By Rachel  belle vue year 6

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Microscopic Microbes!

Today we started a new science topic on Micro-Organisms. We discussed the differences between Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi and then had a go at designing our own. We produced plasticine models – some of them look very nasty! is a fantastic website if you want to find out more about microbes.

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Our Reports on Edanna

Over the last few days we’ve been working really hard on planning, drafting and publishing our own reports about the fantasy land of Edanna. Year 6 have been working hard to make sure they’ve written in the correct ‘style’, included suitable feautures (like diagrams, subheadings and captions) and used a good range of punctuation. I’ve added Mitchell’s and Sophie’s reports for you to have a look at (click for a closer look). Please let us know what you think!

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Homework Task for Tuesday 20th November

This week’s 100 word challenge is to write a scary horror story. You need to think about how to build up suspense and frighten the reader! How you do it is entirely up to you!

Somewhere in the story we want you to use the following phrase:

…all I could see were two red eyes….

If possible try to work on the wish that we gave you last week.

We are also going to give everyone a partner. We would like you to give your partner 2-3 stars and a wish once they’ve posted their work on the blog. (It will help if you let your partner know when you’ve done it).

Again Mrs Hopkins and I are going to choose some that have really impressed us! Good luck – we’re looking forward to reading your stories…

Our Autumn ‘Take Home Tasks’

Autumn Take Home Task:

For our first ‘Take Home Task’ we asked the children to produce their own island. This was linked to our topic and some of the science work we have been doing on food chains and interdependence. The work we received ranged from :

* Huge models of imaginery floating islands, scary desert islands and even shipwrecks

* An erupting volcano

* Factfiles of made up animals and how they fit together into their own food chain

* There was even a cake made in the shape of an island!

Well done Year 6 – we’ve been really impressed!

Please take a closer look at the photographs by clicking on them…

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Homework Task for Tuesday 13th November

100 Word Challenge!

For your Literacy homework this week we would like you to write a story. You must use exactly 100 words. Here is your prompt to follow …

It is November 1605. Imagine that you are Guy Fawkes about to blow up the Houses of Parliament. What happens?!

The word limit is there for you to concentrate on the quality of your descriptive writing.

Please  post your homework as a reply to this post. Mrs Hopkins and I will be choosing a top 3 from each class and awarding prizes next week!

Our Collaborative Art Project

During the last week before half term 6T worked together to make long strips of different colours and textures, that when put together, made a picture. We based this on the fantasy island of J’Nanin which is one of the worlds from Myst 3. Each strip started with a ‘sky’ layer, then mountains, then sand, then sea and then the sea bed. We added some extra features of the island on top to produce this display. Let us know what you think!

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