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Well Done!

Today I was really impressed with the children above. They all worked really hard and managed to complete their key for sorting animals before the rest of the class. Well done!

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The Chase! by Ben

“WOAH!” Whoosh! “AAAAGGHH!” Bang “OOOWW!!” What was happening? “Woah!” It can’t be true, I felt a sickening lurch in my stomach … Then I was off ….

Soaring, I was flying through the sky. I was an eagle gliding through the hazardous, treacherous rocks. Panic-stricken, I skinned my leg on a serrated boulder! Perplexed and bewildered, nervous and scared, I wondered what was happening. Rocky peaks stood there whilst the white-tipped waves smacked against them. Zooming through the candy floss clouds, I could hear the howling wind. “AAAAAHHHHHH!” CRASH! BANG! “OOUCH! Earth?” Earth was beneath me, I was on land – but what type of land? Bruised therefore aching, I noticed a figure, I concentrated … he’s familiar… he’s Saaveedro!

“Get back here!” I loudly yelled at Saaveedro!

“NEVER!” he answered with a strange tone to his voice.


Angrily I rapidly rampaged like a raging rocket after Saaveedro … He’s gone I thought to my self but then I noticed some cold, iron, unstable bars but that did not stop me clambering up to get back that Releeshahn book!  Saaveedro is a dreadful person: he’s ugly , uncanny and maybe you could say he’s a bit pongy too, (no offence). My heavy breathing filled my ears and the salty smell from the sea filled my nostrils. But back to the chase, Saaveedro had entered a strange building once he had crossed a swaying rope bridge  and opened a heavy metal door. BANG! CLICK! Oh no, the door had locked!

An immense ball of energy beat down onto my head; it was the sun. Despite being scared of heights, I still managed to cross the dangerous rope bridge. “Wow there’s a beautiful building,” I mumbled to myself. A strangle dwelling stood there proudly encrested with diamonds and also gold.  Just then I thought to myself, if only I hadn’t touched the book, if only I had stayed at home, I would not be in this perilous place.

Cautiously, I entered the wonderful building … to find a book, it was Saaveedro’s  diary. I opened it and studied what was inside. Secrets, mysteries and clues were revealed. Then I noticed a button, I pressed it and to my surprise it opened a solid, iron gate which led to another lever… I pulled it. Zoom! A lift came flying down from nowhere, like a golden eagle swooping down for its prey. Because I was so intrigued, I had to enter. After I had shut the door I flew up in the air and stopped on a floor with a window. I peered through the misty glass and caught a glimpse of Saaveedro. He shouted at me, “Do yow want dis book? Do yow want dis book?” I didn’t know what to do; I was so scared…

By Ben


Belle Vue Primary School

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The Chase in J’Nanin by Govind

“Woooahhh!” I yelled as I swiftly soared through the treacherous, jagged rocks, “Ouch! My foot!” My foot had been cut by a sharp end of a cliff that I swooped past but my foot caught it: it hurt painfully. Consequently, I found myself flying like a seagull, zooming through the sharp, serrated rocks, I was gliding as rapid as a rampaging rocket. As I flew over the island, I could hear the white-tipped waves roaring angrily against the scorching hot, golden sand; the next thing I knew I was getting closer and closer to the ground. THUMP! My feet hit the ground; I had landed.


Nervous and perplexed, scared and worried, I slowly and safely surveyed the minute island. A small, intricately patterned, hazardous bridge lead to a dome-shaped building, then the stranger caught my eye.

“Oi!” I shouted loudly, “STOP RIGHT THERE!!”

“Never! You’re no match for me!” he screamed back to me. BANG! SLAM! CLICK! He locked himself in the dome-shaped building. Carefully, I wanderedtowards the wooden ladder and carefully climbed down. As I did that, the ladder burnt my fingers. “Owww!” I exclaimed to myself, the bright sun blinded me. My hand slipped and I fell, only scraping my knee and it started bleeding.


Full of pain, I limped towards the edge of the cliff and sat down. Surrounded by three immense, white tusks, I heard the eerie sound of a strange rock whistling loudly in my ears. A smell of sea salt filled my nostrils. A twisted stone staircase was lined with small, smooth rocks. Before the stranger showed his face, everything was quiet until the howling wind took over the whole land. Even though I had cut my knee, I still wandered around the island analysing everything. Cautiously, Ibalanced as I shuffled across an unsafe bridge, high above the ground: I was going to attempt to open the door …

By Govind


Belle Vue Primary School

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The Journey to J’Nanin by Dylan

Evaporating into the book, taking no notice of what was around me, I just couldn’t believe that I was soaring through the turquoise, candy floss sky! Rumble! Crash! Consequently, I found myself soaring towards the strange island of J’Nanin. The sound of the waves angrily smashing against the serrated cliffs was deafening!


WOOSH! WOAH! As rapid as a rampaging rocket, I majestically glided through the warm atmosphere. Loudly, I screamed, “What the heck?!” as I flew through some treacherous rocks!


“Ouch! Oosh!” My foot scraped painfully against the dangerous, jagged peaks. “AAARRRRGGHHHH!” I yelled, as I swiftly darted through the immense, pointy cliff tops.


Below me, the white-tipped waves roared against the boiling, golden beach. Gently, I landed like a feather on a patch of rock next to a rope bridge, swaying slowly in the howling wind. Luckily, I had survived!


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The Astonishing Stranger… by Callum


Amazed and astonished, bewailed and perplexed, I turned around as Atrus strolled into the dim study. “Hello my dear friend,” declared Atrus when he meandered over to me. “This is my journal, I prevented this diary from being given to anybody else but you so take care,” explained Atrus. “I’ll go and get the key now,” he wandered off.

Whoosh! Unexpectedly, a ragged figure appeared out of nowhere! I was petrified! AAAhh! He threw a highly flammable stone against the intricately-patterned curtains and grabbed the Releeshahn book. Crackle! Crackle! The curtains set aflame. “Releeshahn!” yelled Atrus as the shadowy figure evaporated into thin air. “NO!”

If I had reacted quicker, I thought, if I wasn’t so alarmed I maybe would have caught him. Shocked and confused, shaking and horrified, Atrus suddenly froze: he stared at the book that had been left behind. Should I hop in the book or not …?


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Atrus’ Study by Alex M

Exited but confused, nervous and perplexed, I carefully meandered into Atrus’ study… As soon as I stepped into the dark study I could smell an aroma of bright scented candles drift up my noise. Strips of sunlight shot though the glass windows like a bullet causing gaps in the shadows. I could hear my foot steps tipper-tapping on the vivid radiant mosaics. Ores shone brightly  in the sombre study as I scanned every detail  of the room.

Around the corner there was Atrus’ cluttered desk covered in his paraphernalia. As silent as an assassin, I cautiously crept closer to the desk. On the table sat pictures of Atrus’ mysterious sons. Despite the darkness, I could just observe an intricately woven tapestry which I think showed the past of Atrus. Curiously, I caught sight of a candle holder. Suddenly, I felt a pain on my hand, the burning hot lamp had burnt my finger.

Shimmering brightly in the sunless study stood a polished glistening glass stand: waiting in that glass stand was the book Reelshahn glaring at me like a tiger on the prowl.  Across the book there was an encrested metal locking mechanism.

Sneakily I surveyed an artistic tapestry. In one picture (In the far distance) there was an isolated castle which had been horribly burnt down! Scanning the whole picture I sighted a man standing on a rigid, serrated rocks , it looked like Atrus!
My eyes focused on the Reelshahn book, but where was the key for it? Only Atrus would know…

By Alex M

Belle vue Primary School class 6T

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The Arrival in Tomahna by Corben

Surprised and shocked, perplexed and mystified, I arrived in Tohmana…

Above my head as swift as an arrow, an Eagle circled around the serrated mountains. As I cautiously stepped forward to get a better view my hand touched the ice cold handrail furthermore I could hear the tune of the wind forcing the wind chimes to sing and the leaves to dance. The wind was trying to cool down the desert but the blazing sun was too over powering. I thought to myself “is anybody here?”

When I stepped back to catch my breath, the great green leaves caught my eye. Managing to  survive the pain caused by the sun  they kept hanging there. In the corner of my eye I could see the bench lying sweating because of the great ball of fire hanging in the sky. The pane of glass made a kaleidoscope of colours as a streak of light warmed up the cobbled pavement.

Around the corner was Catherine; acting as springy trampoline for baby Yeesha. Unnoticeably the sand and dust filled my nose blocking out the aroma of the beautiful flowers. In the background mountains were daggers sticking out of the ground. Also it was as if the leaves were water trickling down a fountain.

Cautiously I turned my head to see a mysterious door engraved with magnificent patterns standing there waiting to be opened. Trees like guards were protecting the magic door. I decided to put the door out of its misery and opened it …

By Corben

6T Belle Vue Primary School

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Joshua’s Letter to Atrus

Class 6T

Belle Vue Primary School

Lawnswood Road


Monday 17th September

Dear Atrus,

I am very grateful for your information. It helped us discover what was going on, although it took us a huge amount of time to realise what was happening. Anyway I am writing to you to find out more about your books and amazing magic.

Your intriguing magic is beyond my imagination without mentioning these incredible books of yours (you must have amazing magic to accomplish such a feat as creating new worlds!)Is it the crystal on your desk, that’s as red as a ruby; is that the source of your magic? Despite your books, why did your sons abandon you and where are they now? In addition, I think it could be your sons sneaking into your room.

I still have many more questions but it would be much easier if we could see you in person and talk over it. We would relish seeing a wizard!

 Your faithful servant,



P.S.I think we’re free on Tuesday…

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Our Topic Books

We’ve used sugar paper and watered down paint to create a ‘leathery-style’ book cover for our topic books. The children then went on to design their own front cover and blurb. These were based around the magical book that we received from Atrus. Here are some examples including a very amusing blurb by Ben!

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Magic, Mystery & Mayhem : Our Autumn Topic

Year 6 have just started a brand new topic of ‘Magic, Mystery and Mayhem’  based around the computer game Myst 3.

We started off with a mysterious chest that arrived in one of the classrooms – we had to solve a series of puzzles and problems to find the key. Once we opened the chest we discovered a strange book named ‘Tomahna’ (one of the lands in the game) and a revealing letter from a wizard named Atrus …

So far wehave:

*Recounted our experiences (everyone has been happy to write at length)

*Used Atrus’ journals to refine their inference and deduction skills

*Written letters to Atrus – full of questions!

*Developed and performed their own theme music to accompany the games intro video

* Used the opening scene of the game to inspire their descriptive writing

* Designed and made magical doors based around the one on Atrus’ balcony

* Used what they have experienced so far to create powerpoint presentations and art work

And that’s from just over two weeks!

Children and staff are all looking forward to seeing where the mystery takes us next…


Here are Adam and Grace’s thoughts, so far:

Today was not a normal day…As we came back from assembly,which seemed to go on forever, we came back to find an intriguing box. At first, we curiously scurried into Mrs Hopkin’s room to see what all the fuss was about. Then we stumbled across an old, ancient treasure chest. Whose was it?! (Drrr-drr-drrrrrrrrr!)

There was a strange, tatty note attached to this wondrous sight that read: ‘find me and I’m yours to keep, fish me out from the murky deep.’After a while, after we all stopped staring, we finally decided to read the note. As swift as an arrow, Elliot darted out of Mrs H’s classroom & sprinted across the playground, leading us on a wild goose chase.

Whilst Elliot was looking for it, we all decided to split up and look individually but the teachers called us over to say “don’t rush and think carefully!” We finally thought it over and realised we needed to search around the pond. Eventually we found a key in a box floating in the dirty pond water …

When we got back to the classroom and unlocked the chest we found a big book called ‘Tomahna’ (we felt excited to read it but it was locked too!) Also, we found another note and not only that, we found a secret code to solve and clues to help us. Afterwards we had to search for different codes to crack the code to find the key.It was quite a challenge and we had to have a lot of team work!

After we had all the cards  to crack the codes and we cracked it! The sheets read…Hi children so I see you can work in a team!

Next came a letter saying that he was the wonder who had been doing all of these challenges was called Atrus  and he was a powerful wizard… It was he who was setting us all the challenges and wanted to see if we were worthy enough and if Atrus could trust us. We read that Atrus wanted us to go on a quest to go in to TOMAHNA his mythical world.

Grace: I thought it has been a very interesting day and I have really enjoyed it!

Adam:I also enjoyed it just as much as every pupil in year 6 it was great fun!

16th October : Woodside o – 11 Belle Vue (Campbell Cup)

Belle Vue Primary dominated a one-sided match against Woodside. We succesfully won 11-0 with Adam scoring 4 goals, Ben with 4, Mitchell with 2 and Dylan M with a cracking penalty although the keeper nearly saved it. We played a marvallous game against the Woodside. Woodside played as well as they could and had a very good attitude towards the game. They all shook our hands and we are waiting to find out who our next opponents are.

By Alex H and Adam M.

2nd October: Glynne 4 – 3 Belle Vue (League)

Mitchell broke through the Glynne defence to open the scoring in what was a close encounter at the Glynne. The Glynne equalised about a minute later but that wasn’t all: once again Mitchell scored from a tight angle; in off the post! After half time the Glynne started to play a passing game, we couldn’t cope and they equalised again to make it 2-2. Then yet again their passing football led to them taking the lead for the first time in the game. Their player had an astonishing shot but was denied by Alex M in goal. There was some sloppy Belle Vue defending and we couldn’t clear the ball so consequently the Glynne scored yet again to led 4-2. When all seemed lost Alex H passed to Callum (our captain and midfield general) then he passed to Elliot and he wipped in a fantastic ball that was finished off by the hand of Mitchell (shhh don’t tell anyone). As the final whistle blew, both teams happily shook hands after what had been a tough game for everyone involved. Bad luck BV.

By Mitchell & Alex H

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