The water butt

It was a cold day in the caravan. Frost was everywhere; there wasn’t a single spot of lush green grass to be seen for miles. I decided to refill the water butt and went outside to get it. As I heaved it over to the shiny bronze tap it suddenly began to rain. I thought ‘oh great, that’s just what I need: I haven’t got a coat or, at least, a jumper on’. “Splurt, splosh” it over filled. “Brilliant, just brilliant,” I groaned.  I decided to sprint back but running proved difficult, the water was as heavy as an elephant!!

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  1. Oliver says:

    Brilliant piece of writing. Two stars for easy reading due to sentence construction and for descriptions. Can’t wish for anything better .

  2. Mr Holder says:

    Hi Joe – Thank you for getting this done early in the week – it’s a good habit to get into. It also means you’re one of the first entries from across the world this week so it will hopefully result in more comments and views of your work.

    I’m pleased you’ve followed my advice – 1TP!

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