The Unhappy Looking Box

Eventually, Christmas day arrives; excited I look around expecting to see millions of gifts; but all I can see is a large, mysterious box. The box is dull, but wrapped in a pretty bow, making the box look bizarrely glamorous. What is in this odd box?  I want to open it, but is it a gift for me? It doesn’t look like a usual Christmas present wrapped in paper with Santa’s and reindeers smiling merrily on it. The black box looks dismal, unhappy but strangely appealing.  I reach down and touch the silky, smooth bow and gently pull it open…

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  1. Nadine (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Joseph,
    I really enjoyed your story. Particularly how you left us in suspense at the end. Also your description of the bow and how the gift was wrapped was very good – very descriptive. Well done.
    Nadine (Team100WC)

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