The Time Traveling Machine

Everything’s ready.I’ve checked and checked agian.I’ve done calculation, after calculation, after calculation.If this goes how I think it will I could be the best scientist the world will ever know.As red as  a ruby the Time Traveler 101 stood proudly ready for the inexplicable challenge.Ecstatic but nervous, scared and excited I climbed into the titanium mechanism.Some people have tried to create this amazing vehicle; others have been baffled by the am0unt of confusing calculations.Beep!Beep!I set the machine for 1666: the great fire of London.Vroooooooom!Something’s wrong.Everything looks upside down.Oh no!I’m spinning and spinning fast.Wich button?What shall I do?How do I stop?Will this work?Helllllllpppppp!

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Hello Joshua,

    I loved how described how you felt . I can tell that this piece of writing took a lot of creative thinking. I wonder what it was like to be in a time machine spinning round and round.

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