The Telescope By Georgina Gritton 100 word challenge homework

One day, my mum bought me and my little brother a telescope.  It came in a huge,  grey case and we needed to assemble it make it work correctly. When we finally finished assembling the last and final piece we pierced our eyes into the lens and out of the corner of my eye was the glorious, moldy, gemstone-like moon. Something was wrong, we hadn’t put the lenses on correctly, so it looked up side down!  So when we changed the lenses to the correct format we found out that the moon wasn’t just a bright,  white blob, it was a ‘glorious exquisite view ‘.

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2 Responses
  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Georgina
    * – I agree with Lesley, you have used some great words. I particularly like the gemstone bit!
    * – You have slotted the phrase into your writing well
    W – Check all of your words fit your sentences – do you really ‘pierce’ your eyes?

  2. Lesley at CLyst St Mary School says:

    You have used some wonderful vocabulary here.

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