The Spooky Graveyard…

Everyone had been talking about a spooky graveyard and I had always wanted to go there: I was such an adventurous person. Therefore, I set out one night, and found a colossal gate with dusty cobwebs all over it. Cautiously I opened the gate; the grave stones seemed to be watching my every step. Just before I was about to take a few more steps, the birds swooped down and one said, “Get her, she shouldn’t be here!” So they took me away further into the stone churchyard, threw me in a dusty, rotten coffin and left me to die…

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  1. Mr Holder says:

    Well done Sophie – this writing was a bit grim, but entertaining nevertheless!

    * I really like the use of ; to join two related clauses
    * You’ve punctuated your writing well with commas
    * Good vocabulary choices – adventurous, cautiously, colossal,
    * I LOVE how you’ve personified the grave stones – this adds a lot of suspense and tension to your piece 🙂

    Wish – Don’t forget to start a new line for dialogue

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