The Piano Of Thoughts!

Suddenly a glow of light appeared before me and a tempting voice beckoned me to explore further…

Scared and worried, I ventured further into the wisp of light to find: a empty room with just a piano in .Feeling intrigued, I felt the urge to go and touch the shiny, black surface and play some of the notes.
I tested the notes from the piano and soon I came to my favourite …It made me think of an elegant ballet dancer prancing in the woods in a lilac satin dress !
Sinisterly a black hooded figure came around the door….

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4 Responses
  1. Mitchell says:

    Well done Ellie really enjoyed reading your work, here’s what I liked:
    * You have used some great openers
    * You have used some sentence tricks
    # Use a subordinate clause

  2. Oliver says:

    hi Ellie
    that was amazing you have used good use of adjectives and vocab.
    good suspensce

    wish try to use different openers

  3. Ms Woodgate says:

    Hello Ellie,
    Wow what an amazing 100WC. You have really included a wonderful amount of descriptive vocabulary, it really helps the writing flow and paints a very clear picture for the reader. You have also used punctuation well to create tension…Who is the hooded figure?
    Keep up the great work.

    • Ellie W says:

      Hi , thank you for my comment Ms Woodgate. Also I thought the hooded figure could be a dead relative that she remembers from the past!

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