The Ode About Santa By Amber!

The season which comes,

Once a year, is that of Christmas,

Which brings good cheer,

Presents wrapped under the tree,

Glistening with bows and ribbons and shining with glee,

A jolly old fat guy,

Came down the chimney the night before,

Leaving us presents all over the floor,

There was a picture it looked upside down,

A picture of Santa with a frown,

When i turned it the right way up,

It was a clown sitting in a cup,

So to finish the sonnet on a note of glee,

Happy Christmas with hugs and kisses from me and the family.

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3 Responses
  1. holly says:

    Well done amber
    Here are your two stars and a wish
    *good use of rhythm
    *good use of verbs
    wish:try and put some level 5 puncuation

  2. jake says:

    well done amber you have used great punctuation
    star great rhythm
    star great punctuaton
    wish use level 5 punctation

  3. maisey says:

    Well done Amber that is very funny and a great piece of work,here are my 2 stars and a wish:
    STAR: Great rhythm.
    STAR: Great adjectives.
    WISH: Use level 5 punctuation next time.

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