The mystery box

As i woke up,a sudden thought popped into my head: ITS CHRISTMAS! How could i have forgotten? I rapidly swung open the curtains ,and there it was,the snow!But what was i doing up here ,in my room?So i sprung out of my bed and zipped downstairs towards the Christmas tree.

No one was down there,except one box in the middle of the room. It had a pink ribbon covering the box with a neatly tied bow in the middle.The mysterious thing was that there was no name tag to say who it was for or who it was from!Unless it was for me…

Category: 100WC
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2 Responses
  1. Thomas says:


  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Tom
    What a strange Christmas morning!
    * – Well done for using a range of punctuation in such a short piece of work
    * – Leaving this with an ellipsis is effective too
    W – use capitals for ‘I’ – lower case looks sloppy!

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