The Mystery Box by Govind

As I stood like a statue, the mysterious, black box, wrapped with a silky, pink ribbon, stared at me waiting for someone to vigorously pull the ribbon off and lift the lid. I couldn’t do it; I was told not to touch it as it wasn’t for me – it was for my 5year old cousin, it was her birthday tomorrow. It was so tempting, I couldn’t hold back but I knew I had to. After a moment, the box somehow started to control my brain and made me fall on my knees and made me pull the ribbon and lift the lid…

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2 Responses
  1. lucy r says:

    Well done Govind you did a great job here are two stars and a whish:
    *Good use of punctuation like … – , ‘ ;
    *I like that you’ve put that it stared at me.
    WHISH: try to start a sentence with an ly opener 😀

    • Govind says:

      Hi Lucy. Thank you for your comment. In my next piece of writing, I will start a sentence with an ly opener.

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