The Mysterous Box

Is this for me? Is this a trap? It could be dangerous? Could it be a pipe bomb? The luminous, florescent pink bow stared at me like god scrutinizing my every move. It was Christmas in a couple of day`s (2 days in fact). I was on the edge on my seat; it was the world cup final in the last minute. I could hear my icy cold breath as I breathed in anticipation, still staring at the fabric coved box. There was something strange, different, mystical, and magical about this box I shook it carefully. What could it be?

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2 Responses
  1. holly says:

    Well done callum!
    Here are your 2 stars and a wish
    *good use of L5 puncuation
    *good use of retorical questions
    wish:next time you can try and put some speech in

  2. Alex M says:

    Good piece of work well done.
    Here are my two stars and my wish:

    Good use of questions.
    Good use of ( )
    You could use a : somewhere.
    Great piece of work well done.

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