The Mysterious Noise by Abbie

I heard a mysterious noise from the decrepit old house.  I ventured inside, with each shaky step I finally reached the bathroom, the screeching was deafening.  I pushed open the door with my elbow; I didn’t want to touch the slimy disgusting door with my bare hand.  I was greeted by the once orange room, now full of cob webs and grime.  A filthy bath tub on legs was jammed up to the wall; the taps were separated and lay bent of the floor.  A repulsive odour emanated from the tub.  Behind was a cat trapped up against the partition!

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3 Responses
  1. mollyc1 says:

    well done i really like your choice of words. what a good story but why dont you visit

  2. Ros says:

    You have shocked me with how well you can write and it makes me want to read on

  3. Hannah says:

    Wow impeccable work Abbie! I am convinced that this is also one of the best 100 Word Challenge writing this week, which is week 23. You created a scary image in my mind and you used a great choice of adjectives that matches your awesome writing. I hope you continue to blog as incredible as this. Outstanding work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please come and check out my work at: and comment it would mean alot.

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