The Mysterious Box!!!!

As I walked into my room,which was full of christmas decorations,there was a presest under my small christmas tree.It was grey and had a floresent coloured ribbon which wrapped around th box.It stared at me as if I had done somethink wrong.The size of the box was medium,not to big not to small.Quitley the mysterious box lay on the cream carpeted flooring protecting the roon just like a body gaurd would.The only thing is that I wish is that is was for me!

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2 Responses
  1. Joshua says:

    Well done Lucy you’ve done a good 100 word challenge.Here are my two stars and a wish:
    *You’ve done a simile.
    *You’ve done some personification.
    Wish:Try to do metaphor.

  2. Callum says:

    Well done Lucy
    *great vocabualy
    *good adverbs
    Wish:Try to use more sentence types

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