The mysterious box

One day there was a mysterious red rebind box in the middle of the lounge. I though to my self  what could be in it i did not want to open it just in case there was something vices in side it and that would not be nice at all. I thought and though weather to  open the box or not it was a very hard decision to make. It was so tempting as if it was saying open me open me i wont heart you but what if it does heart me i dont want to end up in hospital. So i made my mind up and didnt open the box for the sake of my life so i put the box away in the loft were no one could open it.

Category: 100WC
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  1. Jo Hetherington says:

    I really admire your will power being abe to put the box away in the box. I don’t think I would have been able to resist the temptation even if I thought it might have been something vicious.

    Team 100 WC

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