The Magical, Mysterious box

One frosty December day I woke up from my beautiful sleep to find a rattling noise coming from under my bed. WHAT COULD IT BE? I sneakly peeked under my bed. To my amazment there was a pretty box with a baby pink ribbon wrapped round it. I was scared because it wasn’t there last night. I quickly looked away because I thought it was my Christmas present. But why was it rattling? Could it be a  living thing? Perhaps it was a hampster. But surely my mum and dad wouldn’t put a hampster in a box under my bed.

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  1. lucy r says:

    Great work Georgia. This is what I like about your great piece of work
    * Really good punctuation in there like. ? ’ very good
    * I like how you’ve stared with one frosty December day
    WISH: Try to use some connectives in there may be other than that good job 🙂

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