The Magical Box

Jake Morris 6T


The Magical Box

As I stepped into the room, the enormous christmas tree had many presents beneath it.  One caught my eye, it was black, square and dull, looking very ordinary but somehow the pink glistening bow made me want to open it. “I wonder what’s inside”. My hands slowly but surely took hold of the box. It was as light as a feather. “Now I’m very confused” Is this a joke, is there anything inside?  Pulling the nicely rapped bow off the box, moving my hands to the lid, through the four corners the brightest, glowing, magical silver light glistened – WOW IT’S MAGIC …..

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4 Responses
  1. noah says:

    liked your blog mate,i liked were you said that one caught your eye awsome job

    keep up the good work see ya

  2. Oliver says:

    Star you have used very good vocab and well done for using similes

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