The luckiest box in the world

A mysterious box was left lying on the soft,purple rug. It was tied with a fine,silk bow waiting to be unknotted.

Unfortunatley the house had been abandonned so the sad box would never be opened.The gift package felt like it was his fault  because no one would smile when the box was opened as it was,nt as nicely wrapped as all the other cool  presents.

Then the gift gasped as the door creaked open and a small young figure strolled into the cosy,warm room. The small figure was a child who had never had a christmas before.The box smiled.

Category: 100WC
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One Response
  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Jack, I always love reading your work as it is so original.
    * – making the box the main character is a really interesting and effective idea!
    * – ending on a very short sentence works brilliantly too
    W – you’ve used listing commas between adjectives but try to use them to mark clauses next time

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