The Grusome Menace

Every day and every night i hear lots of guns firing as loud as a lions roar, also i can see troops, lots of them, being shot down by powerful ships driven my evil Moids. Suddenly i hear a knock on the door, my heart was melting like a pound of butter- some people panic a lot; others are always keen and brave. Then a weird bug came into the room, he had a strange stick in his hand, it looked upside down! and at that moment he spoke to me in a mumbling voice saying” you must leave, or you’ll die”

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3 Responses
  1. Dr. Lisa (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Dylan

    I love the description you use in this 100 Word Challenge, and the title is absolutely wonderful. Don’t forget to check for capitalization.

    Great work! Keep writing.

  2. Mrs Halford Team 100wc says:

    Hi Dylan, thanks for taking part in the 100wc. You had some interesting ideas and tried hard to be descriptive. Don’t forget to use a capital I for yourself! Was this story set on the earth or on a different planet?

  3. Corben says:

    *You used dialouge
    *You used a simile
    star:try and use short sentences to create suspence

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