The Ghost Of New Years Day!!!!!

As the sunset chased the horizon Grace looked up at the sky.Suddenly her mother asked her to come and help set the things out for the new years party.When she arrived inside she immediatly sorted out the drinks.
As the speakers boomed and family gathered something bad was sure to happen…Just that moment the entertainment arived and Grace realised it was a coach with horses .She just had to have a go!

As soon as she got on the carrage it started.Her heart was pounding and suddenly everthing went dark…

Something seemed different about her she seemed almost ghost like…

It was a new start for us all!

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2 Responses
  1. Ellie W says:

    Thank you Rachel !

  2. Rachael (Team 100WC) says:

    What an mysterious story Ellie! I like your opener, it’s very poetic. New Year’s Eve is definitely a time for new starts and this one is very different, by the sound of things! I wonder what happened to Grace? This feels like the beginning of a very spooky ghost story. Great writing, well done!

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