The Flying Dog!

Woof! Woof!
“CAN YOU KEEP THAT DOG QUIET, I AM TRYING TO CONCENTRATE” shouted our next door neighbor.
“Sorry to disturb you, I am not sure what my dog is barking at,” I replied nervously.
Lovingly I approached my dog carefully, patting his head as I examined for any sign of what he might be barking at! Suddenly I noticed a mysterious shadow lurking in the cloud polluted sky! In a blink of an eye, the shadow turned into an elegant bird! Gradually it came closer and closer, the bird swooped down and lifted my dog upwards; he was flying!

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5 Responses
  1. Courtney says:

    Hi Ellie, It’s Courtney from Wilbarston. Thanks for commenting on my blog work and inviting me to look at your work. I thought your work was brilliant especially the 100 word challenge story. I liked how at the end how the dog was flying! Feel free to comment on my work again or anybody else’s work
    see ya:-)

  2. oliver says:

    I also get annoyed when my next door neighbours dog is barking! I would laugh my head of if I saw a dog being dragged by birds. 😀

  3. Mr Holder says:

    Hi Ellie, well done for getting this done first this week! Don’t forget you’re owed a team point for this!

    * I like that you’ve put the shouting in capitals
    * Well done for starting a new line for a new speaker
    * Good vocab choice – lurking, cloud-polluted, elegant

    Wish: Don’t overdo the adverb openers – think variety! Try verbs, adjectives, similes etc…

  4. 5sc1 says:

    What a brilliant story Ellie! You must have a dog because you have described how you behave with it so accurately. What an adventure it is going to have flying with the birds! Maybe that can be another story???!

  5. Alex H says:

    Well done for being the first one to do the 100word challenge this week!:)

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