The extraordinarily amazing world

The world looked very strange and bizarre. Everywhere I looked there was something that didn’t look quite right. Why is this place different, what is it that makes this place odd? I surveyed my surroundings and took in every single detail. I noticed that the trees were made of candy: lollipops dangled from the candy cane branches. The pavements were made of gold, silver and bronze coins that glistening into the distance. One house stood out from the rest, it looked upside down, inside out and as round as a plum! But most of all, this world looked extraordinarily amazing!

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  1. Abbie says:

    Hi Joseph well done that was very good here are your two stars and a wish.
    Star I liked the phrase everywhere I looked there was something that didn’t look quite right
    Star well done for using a : and you used it correctly
    Wish next time try to use a ; in your worked

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