The box

The box sat under my Christmas tree. I waited impaciantly, tapping my foot on the lamanate floor. The box was wrapped in silver wrapping paper, coloured like the skin of a dolfphin, then tired in a bow was a florecent pink peice of ribbon that lay on the top of the box , hanging over the sides. I could not wait any longer the box made me more and more intreeged , every time i looked at it ! I could not wait any longer. Should i open it ? Or not ? I slowly got closer i unwrapped the bow… WoW…

Category: 100WC
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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Abbi
    * – it’s really good to see you using commas for clauses in your work
    * – The level of detail used to describe the box helps build up the tension – well done!
    W – take more care with your punctuation & check for repeated bits

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