The Beating Box…

As I peeked through a minute gap in the door, I saw a black and pink box which was so large that I could even fit a whole world inside. Confused and speechless, astonished and nervous, I staggered across the room to take a closer look. I took one brave closer, heard a beat and a beat again and back flipped fearlessly landing only a few feet away, staring in amazement. But i didn’t just sit there, I found my feet and stood up to get back into the groovy beat. Could it be my only dream has come true?…

Category: 100WC
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2 Responses
  1. Faye says:

    Have you found the joke wrapped up inside the text yet? thank you.;)

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Faye
    * – another great 2 pair sentence – they are turning into your speciality!
    * – lots of powerful verbs in here too
    W – do you usually backflip when you are scared? I don’t understand that bit!

    Has a sensible person locked Aston up inside a box?

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