The Alien on Mars

It is July 21st 2017 3:20. I was in N.A.S.A, training, and then I got told I was going to Mars! I was so excited but also nervous.  I was shocked, because I was told it would be in 27 days.


It is August 18th 2017. Today was the day I go to Mars, I was scared. I stepped in the rocket. Houston counted down. 5…4…3…2…1…!!!!!


It is November 6th 2018. We reached mars. We pondered around. After 2 hours we noticed a life source we investigated. Then we saw an Alien for some strange reason it looked upside down.

by corben shaw

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  1. dylan says:

    well done corben,a very creative story and very good suspense,
    here are my 2 stars and a wish:
    *good use of …
    *you can obviously build suspense in your writing
    wish:push your self by using harder technical vocab

    but apart from that,very well done 😀 !

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