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In a galaxy far far away, was a creature called Meep and I had always wanted to meet him to see what magical powers he had. So one day I decided to jump happily into a large mystical spaceship which was called Super Adventure. This was a very peculiar spaceship because it looked upside down.  I zoomed in to the ginormous galaxy and in a flash of light I was there. Slowly, but carefully I wandered out. There was silence everywhere. “HELLO” I shouted loudly, but there was no reply. Is this the right place? OH NO! WHERE AM IIIIIIIIIIIIIII?!

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  1. susannah says:

    Hi Sophie I like how you used detail.I like how you used the word galaxy and upside down spaceshipte.I hop you do well in the competition.

  2. Grace says:

    Well done Sophie a good peice of work.

    # I like how you started with “in a galaxy far far away.”
    # I also like how you used “slowly but carefully.”

    WISH: Try and use a greater range of openers.

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