Should I or shouldn’t I ?

What could it be? It is for me? Is it dangerous? Is it magic? Could it be a nightmare? Could it be a CD or even tickets to a concert? Could it be all I dream of? Should I shake it or would I break it?

My fingers slowly reached out to touch the perfect purple bow perched on top, but my conscience is stopping me. Whose could it be? What if I opened it and it wasn’t mine then my reputation would be gone. I would have opened something that was not mine – that would look really bad. OPEN IT!

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2 Responses
  1. Lauren says:

    I think Isobel did a really good job describing the purple bottle and it was really catching.

    *-She started with questions and that made it very interesting.
    *- The poem showed that the girl who wrote it had a very good imagination
    W- isobel could maybe use a wider range of words

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Isobel
    I’m glad we found where this had disappeared to!
    * – starting with a series of questions is very effective at hooking the reader in
    * – I like the way you seem to be having a bit of a fight with your conscience!
    W – not much to moan about here apart form that boring ‘bad’ word!

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