Piano by Jayden

The notes from the piano echo through mind as my imagination runs wild with every soft note, It takes me back to when i was young and the notes from my grandmother’s piano were as soft as this one. My fellings are somehow happy but somehow mind blowing. It is like a dream because i am surrounded by happy notes. In my mind sadness is nowhere to be seen but joy and happieness is all around my mind. The keys from the piano smile and grin at me whilst i continually play them. The sound even comforts me as i play them.

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  1. ellie says:

    Good piece of work jayden.
    * you used personification.
    *you used your senses
    wish try to use more punctuation.

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Jayden
    * – well done for managing to create such a happy mood – the personification really helps with this.
    * – you’ve managed to use lots of conjunctions to make compound and complex sentences.
    W – yet again you’ve used lowercase for ‘I’! Try to use a range of punctuation too.

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