My Present.

Once again my parents had bought me another weird present. Except this one I never knew I was getting! It was heavy. It made a noise. It smelt quite a bit as well as moving quickly. Amazingly it started to emerge from its box. Rip! Rip! It was coming out…  What could it be? A puppy, a mouse, a hamster or a cat- which one  could it be? Right in front of my ever gazing eyes was a key!? How could it be moving, how could it be making a noise? Or maybe it is a very magical, mysterious key!?

By Alex H

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2 Responses
  1. Mitchell says:

    Well Done Alex here are my two stars

    * I like your puncuation
    * good short sentences

  2. Sophie says:

    Well Done Alex
    Here are my two stars and a wish:
    * I like your short scentences for inpact
    * I like your punctuation that you have used
    WISH: Try and use some more scentence types
    P.S: I am sorry it is the same wish as you gave me.

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