My feline encounter By Georgia Hug.

After a long day at school I decided to have a luxurious bubble bath. As I climbed out and went to go and dry my out of control hair, I caught a glimpse of  a mysterious cat iout of the corner of my eye. Slowly and carefully, wary and cautious, I approached the animal. Its colour was like marmalade (light & dark orange tones) with glistening eyes- like it wanted to kill!  Because of this, I called my dad. He was wary of the feline creature too so we went to go and catch it together. The evil looking cat started to wag its tail side to side, followed by showing its teeth as it separated its lips issuing a long meowww!!! Then it got into pouncing position…

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2 Responses
  1. alexsbv says:

    great work!
    it was gode that you used bracits in your work
    and commas when you needed them
    try to do shorter sentences
    but great work !!!

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Georgia
    I enjoyed reading this. What a horrible sounding cat! Great description and I can see that you have thought carefully about your punctuation too. Well done.

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