Jayden 100 word challenge

In the deep, foggy forest there was a strange cave in the middle of nowhere. My heart pounds as i see this mysterious cavern. Should i walk closer or should i stay back? I slowly creep towards the dark cave and begin to scrutinize the disgusting surroundings. I can  hear this weird noice. 54

A gigantic shadow followed my path as i approached the black hole in the distance. I finnaly get there. What have I done! Theres no way back! At least i have concored my feares. But wait, why is there a creature. Oh no! It looked upside down…


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2 Responses
  1. Andrew Williams (Team100WC) says:

    Well done for submitting this Jayden, sorry I’m so late with this reply. I’m still new at this!
    I agree with all Mrs Hopkins says. Did you have to use a thesarus or dictionary for your WOW words?
    I think your choice of words is excellent and adventurous.
    What’s going to be in the black hole I wonder?

    Team 100WC

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Jayden
    * – you’ve used some super words
    * – your short sentences and questions work really well too

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