It’s Good To Be Different… By Faye

It all started in January 1933   , when the Germans tricked the Jews by saying, “You are in safe hands”. “Come here and you can have the best life ever, you can bring only a few belongings though”.The terrible thing is that the Germans didn’t like the Jews. They had money: the Germans wanted the money. The Jews arrived on a train. However it wasn’t what they thought it was it was a concentration camp. The Jews were forced to work hard, they had barely anything to eat and were also not treated properly. If one person tried to escape out of the cell the other people in the cell with them would suffer more than the person who escaped. Calmly and peacefully, ashamed and parched, most Jews arrived at the concentration camp and unfortunately died.

Back then they believed that if someone was different they were not useful (just like some people still believe that today). But really, being different is good! Despite the fact that we are all  different today, if we were not,  the world would be the same everywhere.





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8 Responses
  1. Alex M says:

    Well done faye here are my two stars and a wish
    Good use of brackets
    Well done for using a sabordinator
    Make sure your : make sense
    But brilliant work faye you should be very proud.

  2. Rachel says:

    Wow faye, you’ve sent across an important message, and your work is filled with facts.

  3. Faye says:

    Thank you Mrs Hopkins, I tried to use my favourite! I really enjoyed the visit from Lia too I learnt a lot. 🙂

  4. Alex sh says:

    *i like your use of brackets
    *nice use of a 2 pair sentence
    WISH:mayby use more adjectives next time

  5. Georgina says:

    great work faye
    *i love how you have used some speech
    *you have also used you seacialality of 2 pair sentaces

  6. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Faye
    You’ve clearly worked hard on this. Great use of details and super effort with punctuation. Well done for getting a colon in as well as your trademark 2 pair sentence.

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