It looked upside down

In the deep, dark woods there was a strange scuttling. Loudly my heart beat thudded against my rib cage. A gigantic shadow fell across my path. Shall Idart off or shall I stay? My bones turned to jelly, I was not going anywhere! Slowly the shadow grew closer and darker….. fetid breathe caught my nostrils……. an eerie cackle exploded in my ears.  Suddenly the petrifying monster’s shadow disappeared, I finally regained movement and was able to try and discover what had happened. Amazingly I could follow the alley created by the monster’s body. At the end there was something there…….It looked upside down!


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  1. Lucy S says:

    Here are two stars and a wish:
    a good use of …
    a good question
    next time try and use some sentance tricks which we have learnt in class

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