Invaders from Mars!!!

Alien space ships filled the sky; it made me feel like I was upside down, with the sky as the land and the flying saucers as huge skyscrapers. The warning bells rang out and every one ran for cover. The army marched through the streets firing at the spaceships. Laser beams shot through the sky which was an inky black river being invaded by millions of herons. Huge speakers thundered out of the main space craft, “I am your master now, surrender or die” the alien said robotically. The army dropped their weapons to the floor. It was over.

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  1. Oliver says:

    well done alex, there is lots of vocab and correct puntcuation.
    I enjoyed reading this work well done.

  2. Alex M says:

    Wow I can’t believe I have had comments from other schools and from the one hundred world challenge!

  3. Anna St. John Vianney, USA says:

    I very much liked how you used descriptive words like inky, robotically, and huge. Your end was my favorite part, though, because you showed emotion. I loved your unique take on this week’s challenge, this is a really interesting WC entry.

  4. Laura Team 100WC says:

    Wow, what an imaginative 100WC, Alex! I enjoyed reading it and especially loved the description of the ‘inky, black river,’ as you used some great adjectives.

    Keep up the great work, Alex!

    Laura Team 100WC

  5. Diethild Starkmeth Team - 100WC says:

    Well done, Alex!
    Your story sounds credible, even though I have a hard time imagining such an event.
    The ending could be happy, I would like to think, because nobody died in your story.
    Keep up the great work, Alex!
    Kind regards,

  6. Govind says:

    Well done Alex. Here are your two stars and wish:
    *i like how you have used a ;
    *you have used dialogue (speech)
    Wish : at the end of your speech, remember your punctuation before the closing speech mark.
    This writing was very good.

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