Inside of the box!

It was Christmas morning, there was one mysterious present, it wasn’t like the others, and it lied tranquilly, should I open it? Or shall I wait? I asked myself. It was too tempting: I pulled the ribbon off the box there was nothing inside except a blind fold and card with instructions on. I tided the blind fold to cover my eyes. Then, my mom directed me upstairs towards the spare room. That’s when I heard the noise…

I knew immediately what it was, as I bent to my knees I felt a little wet nose my new puppy awaited me!

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2 Responses
  1. Abbie says:

    That was amazing these are your stars and a wish
    * Well done for useing short and snappy sentences.
    * Good use off a De De sentence.
    Wish try to use a ; or a – in your work next time.

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