Here comes 2013

It was a new start for all of us. The marvellous fire works were going of all night making the pitch black sky fill up with colours! The magnificent colours were red, blue, green and yellow! All across the world people were doing their special theme that they do every New Years Eve. Some people in different countries eat 12 grapes and some other people put old clothes inside a doll and burn the doll! In the morning some people were excited because in was a new year others were a bit tired but they were still happy. In some  countries some people would have special meals together!

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  1. lucy r says:

    Well done Holly. Here is what I like about your fantastic work:
    * I really like that you’ve used a good range of punctuation like ! ,.
    * I like how you’ve described the fireworks as marvelous fireworks
    Wish: try to use some better openers
    Very good piece of work 🙂

  2. Mrs Fine 100WC Team says:

    Hi Holly
    This is a nice piece with lots of information about how people celebrate the new year across the world – I certainly learnt things I didn’t know before. You have used lots of adjectives to describe the fireworks which makes your piece exciting to read. Well done!

  3. Georgia says:

    Like how you have told the reader some intresting facts and how different people around the world celebrate new year.
    You have used some good adjectives.
    More punctuation.

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