Here comes 13

It was a new start for all of us. The fire works were magical and colourful, they started at ten and ended at one in the morning, but they were incredible. The next morning everybody was tired but very excited, I was too. People were saying hello to everybody and shouting out it’s a new year! Everybody was taking their Christmas decorations by now. Some people didn’t get to enjoy any part of Christmas or new years because they don’t have a home. So everybody enjoyed Christmas and new years but at least we know that everybody is happy, and people in the world are also too happy.

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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Georgia
    *- using the prompt on its own as a opening sentence works well
    * – great description of the fireworks too – it was a long display wasn’t it?
    W – be more careful with your punctuation – you are using commas to join to different sentences and you know that I don’t like that!

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