Happy New Year!

POP,  the poppers bang as it struck 12o’clock. 2012 as now ended, but what a year it has been, how quick has that gone?! It had been a long and exhusting day, making food for the guests and cleaning the house, it was a new start for us all… everyone was happy and a having a good time, music playing and the family altogether having fun. We stood on our garden and released our lanterns into the night  sky, it was filled with fireworks all differnt colours it was a magificent sight to see, making a wish I closed my eyes  I hope 2013 will be a fantastic and eventful year!

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  1. Mitchell says:

    I hope you enjoyed reading my work, and happy new year everyone.

  2. Amber says:

    Well done Mitchell thats was amazing piece of work here is your two starts and a wish:

    STAR: You used a different word for tiring which was exhusting.

    STAR: You used an a onomatopoeir which was POP.

    WISH: Try and use level 5 puncuation next time.

    • Mitchell says:

      Thanks Amber, I will try and use level five puncuation next time.

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