Happy New Year By Sophie

“GOODNIGHT! MOM! GOODNIGHT! DAD!”  I shouted, as I went up too bed. “Well I suppose we better get too bed too” said Mom “Otherwise we will be tired in the morning”. Suddenly, we were woken by the alarming sound of the screeching fireworks. Excitedly, we ran downstairs, we threw the door open and went outside. “WOW! These are brilliant fireworks why don’t we lie down on the grass and enjoy the wonderful colourful sky. DING! DONG! DING! DONG! The clock was chiming in the distance therefore we realised what time it was and we thought that this will be a new start for us all. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

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3 Responses
  1. Laura Team 100WC says:

    This is a brilliant 100 WC, Sophie! I loved reading your work and thought that watching fireworks must have been a brilliant way to see in the new year! You also made a great use of speech, which is brilliant!

    Keep up the fantastic work, Sophie!

    Laura Team 100WC

  2. Joshua says:

    Well done Sophie, it sounds like a very happy new year.Here are my to stars and a wish:
    *You’ve done some onamatapoeias.
    *You’ve done lots of speech.
    wish:Try to do some similies.

  3. Diethild Starkmeth Team - 100WC says:

    Well done, Sophie!
    Your story is full of colors and sounds. I just hope it wasn’t too cold for you to lie down to watch the fireworks 
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards,

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