Happy new year! by Grace Evans

It was a new start for us all… 2013 was  nearly here! I could here the buzz of the peoples conversations. As it was new years eve every body was up to celabrate  and have  a good laugh. We sat gazing up at the moon lit sky, waiting  and waiting for the fireworks to rise from there graves and light the sky with new year happiness! People dancing and singing merrily as the family all comes together. Food and chocolate  on the table waiting for people to eat them! All of a sudden… Bang!  Crash! The  colourful fireworks began leaving people feeling excited , people all stare in amazment!

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  1. Abbie says:

    Hello Grace that was an amazing peace of work these are your 2 stars and a wish.
    * I loved the part when you said the fireworks began leaving people feeling excited.
    * I also thought it was funny when you said food and choclate on the table waiting for people to eat them.
    Wish next time you could could try and use a ; or a :

    • Mr Holder says:

      Yes I agree – try to use trickier punctuation Grace, you know how to do it.

  2. Mrs Fine 100WC Team says:

    Hi Grace
    Your piece is very evocative of the excitement and wonder of New Year’s Eve and a new start for the new year. I love the way you have managed to build up the anticipation of the fireworks exploding, and I particularly like your description of the fireworks rising from their graves. Next time use a dictionary when you write and check out any words that you are not totally sure of. Well done!

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