Getting ready for chistmas

Suddenly i woke up , i screemed “its nearly christmas one more day”.I was really excited.Then i asked my mom if we could go to the shops to get a massive and beautiful tree, and she said yes we can go know if you wont and i said yes happily. Then we went to a tree shop and we got the tree that we wonted.After that we were at home,we had the tree in the living room. After a cople of hourers i asked my mom if we could put the decorations on the tree she said yes ill help you. We put the shiny balls on the branches of the lovely chistmas tree and the tinsill. Then i put the angel on the top.It looked upside down.

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  1. Mrs Neale Team 100WC says:

    Wow Ellie! I can see that you have worked really hard with your writing for this post for the 100WC. You have shown so many skills as a writer. I love the way that you have used lots of time connectives to take your story forwards. You have also used lots of lovely adjectives to help me to build a picture of the beautiful tree with its shiny baubles. By using powerful verbs like ‘screamed’ you have helped to show your character’s excitement too. You have used punctuation well too. Fabulous!

    To make your writing even better remember to use a capital letter for ‘I’ – you are important, unique and special and therefore at the very least deserve a capital letter! Also remember that you need speech marks every time a character speaks, with a capital letter at the beginning of their speech. An example in your writing would be
    …and she said “Yes, we can go now if you want” and I said “Yes” happily.

    I really enjoyed your writing – keep on reading and keep on writing. Thank you for sharing your super story.

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