Ellie W 100 word challenge!

Day 2 of being a vampire
Dear diary something extraordinary happened yesterday…It all started when I was at school. I was in science with my best friend when we both got bored and we decided to have a little chat. It all happened then. So quickly! She was just talking, and something came over her. Suddenly serrated fangs emerged from her mouth and she dug them right into my neck-for a second everything looked upside down –I couldn’t get away! She explained to me afterwards that she was a vampire, and I was too! I was shocked!

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4 Responses
  1. Harriet says:

    Hi Ellie your work is very good.
    *The short sentences give the reader questions.
    * I like the use of the ellipses.
    WISH: Use a better variety of opernes.
    But overall i thought it was an excellent piece of work.
    By Harriet.

  2. Ellie W says:

    Hi thank you for your amazing comments on my work.
    I was determined this week to do something a bit different and try and do something no one else would do, I really tried hard on this piece of writing and I am glad that you both enjoyed reading it!

  3. Mr. Kent(100WC team) says:

    You have submitted a very clever entry. I couldn’t see where the theme fitted and then blam! there it was. It is great that you turn a boring science lesson into a shocking event in the space of 100 words. Good stuff

  4. Mrs Robinson (100WC Team) says:

    Hi Ellie
    This is a brilliant 100WC entry. Your story is very powerful with interesting vocabulary, descriptive sentences and tension throughout. You have used the prompt in a very innovative way that lends itself to being a longer piece, perhaps in future 100WC’s you could continue the same theme, very well done.

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