Dolce [Meaning : sweetly in Latin.]

The notes from the piano danced in the air like a blizzard of crisp cold snowflakes. Fascinated and intrigued , hypnotized and speechless, my listening ears digged into the breath-taking sound that brushed past my face like a cool breeze on a hot Savannah. Each note sang: it sounded like angels. The piano’s ivory keys were grinning at me like in a proud and self confident way, I couldn’t resist smiling back. The sweet candy music made my face beam and shiver with a glowing happiness that I had never experienced before. I felt like I was being kidnapped and taken to heaven.

Category: 100WC
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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Rachel
    I always get the feeling that you have really enjoyed writing these pieces!
    * – great 2 pair and de:de sentences
    * – your simile works well – I like the idea of keys grinning!
    W – is ‘digged’ a word? You know better!

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